Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week In Review - New Addition

I am hoping to post a new Week In Review every Sunday. Since I plan to take every Sunday off from blogging, I hope to put this post together on Saturday and have it run on Sunday for everyone to read.

It will give a quick re-cap of what all happened in my household for the week, the monetary benefit to us and quick links to everything. It is like one stop shopping...ooopppsss...I mean one stop savings for you! Follow along with me and watch your earnings and savings grow, too!

Weekly Total: $307

In addition, steps I took that will reap benefits in the future!

Finally, freebies I have received this week....

  • (2) Tide with Dawn Samples
  • Hamburger Helper Single Serve Sample
  • Body Lotion/Wash/Mist

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Carrie, I love this idea of "week in review." I always see your numbers going up and get so jealous and happy for ya all in the same emotion!!! It's a nice reminder of how easy saving money can really be!