Wednesday, February 20, 2008

$10 Ebates Bonus is Back!!

If you remember my Valentine's post, you know that Ebates was giving a bonus of $10 to every new member who signed up. If you don't know what Ebates is, click here to read my original article on the site. If you want the free $10, sign up here.

Well, they have now extended the offer until the end of March 2008! If you are a new member and sign up for an account, they will give you $10. To qualify for this $10 you must make a purchase through their site.

But, don't let that scare you. You can buy something for $10 or less and get it free! I went to and bought sport socks ( which I needed ) and with shipping/tax it was less than $10. Plus, Ebates gave me a percentage back on the purchase, too. So, I made a little more.

Go to Mommy Snacks for some more ideas. Although I don't know if these specials are still good today, this would be a great starting point!

And, to make this deal even sweeter.....Ebates is giving you a bonus of $10 for every member you refer. So, once you sign up....send an email to all your friends and family.

For every 2 people you get signed up, they give you another bonus ( yes, this is getting crazy ) of a $10 Target Gift Card. So, that breaks down to $30 for every 2 people you tell and sign up ( they do have to make a purchase, too, so remind them of all the $10 deals )!!

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