Thursday, February 21, 2008

Limited Time Access to One of My Favorite Credit Cards- Expired

I am so very excited! Thrilled, actually!!! I keep posting about all the money I make on my credit card, and I am always disappointed because I can never find it on the credit card search engine anymore so that my readers can take advantage, too.

BUT...just today they sent me a special invite that I can send to my friends...YOU! So, until March 5th, 2008, you can actually get the credit card, too!! Yippee! Expired

Want the details of the card and type, email me.

To read my original post on the benefits of using credit cards, click here.

First, let's go over a few things again!

1. Only sign up if you are someone who pays your balance off in FULL each month AND only use it to buy purchases you would already be buying anyway!!

2. As soon as you get your card, put a sticker on the front that states GAS, DRUGSTORES, GROCERY and a date a year from the day you activate it. (this is in case you don't want to use it once the rate goes down to 3% ) Use this card for all grocery shopping, gas fill ups and CVS/Walgreen runs as it pays 6% on those categories!

3. Begin getting 6% back on all your purchases from the 3 above categories up to $1,000 a year!!! After a year, it goes down to 3% ( still good )!! You do get 1% back on other purchases, too, by the way.

4. You also get money back on the miles you drive on your car. So, as soon as you get your card, send the form back in with your current mileage on the car, so it will begin tracking it.

5. The money earned is good for 5 years towards any car purchase ( new, used or leased ) or car work ( oil changes, etc ). Please read the complete terms and conditions. You can convert them to the Thank You points if you want. Each $1 is worth 100 points in their network and can be cashed in for gift cards or even checks.

Don't forget, you only have less than 2 weeks to get this offer. I love my card! You will too! Update 2/23/08: Two days after I posted this article, I got my next statement in the email. This last month I made $50.43!!

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