Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free $4 to Caribou Coffee

Either fortunately, or unfortunately ( depending on how you look at it ), a Caribou Coffee opened up down the road from me last year!

Now, I used to love my coffee EVERY morning when I worked. But, since staying home with the kids...it just hasn't happened. That has been for about 4 years I have gone without coffe shop bought coffee!

Then, Starbuck and Caribou Coffee opened up, right on the way to preschool for my daughter...go figure! So, guess where I have been stopping twice a week? Yep, you guessed it...Caribou Coffee ( I just prefer them for some reason ).

Well, as we all know, coffee from a coffee shop is not cheap. And, I know I could get it cheaper at home, but well...it is one of my life's little splurges!!

But, thanks to Freebies 4 Mom, I found about a $4 promotion they are having until February 24th! So, it is time to jump on this one! If you currently have a gift card or you buy one ( you can get them for as low as $5 ) and you register it online, they will add $4 to the balance for free! So, I bought myself a gift card the last time I was there, entered it online at Caribou Coffee and it now has $9 on it! It is only one credit per person.

So, if you currently shop Caribou Coffee regularly, I suggest you buy a gift card next time and register it online. Or, if you know of someone who loves their coffee and has a birthday or maybe for next Christmas even....you could buy it now and add some extra money to it free! You only have a few more days!


Andrea said...

I just went and bought mine tonight! Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks also does this with their gift cards, so you could get another few cups of half-price fancy coffee that way.