Saturday, February 23, 2008

Super Saturday Savings! Museums!

As I promised a couple of weeks ago, I would try and post as I find creative and cost savings entertainment for our family. And, this past Saturday, we had another fun adventure. We headed up to COSI in Columbus, Ohio. It is a Science Museum/Chilren's Museum. And, it is alot of fun. Here is a picture of my daughter in the submarine and my son playing in the Ocean exhibit's water! The baby is at the infant water table splashing around!

First, you may ask how did I save money on this? Did I use coupons? Well, no. I am a member of the Cincinnati Children's Museum. AND...with that, I get free access to museums all over the Great United States. It is true! And, living in Ohio, we have many large cities. In driveable distance to us, we have Cincinnati's Children's Museum and Dayton's. For a little longer drive ( 1 1/2 hours ) we can head to Columbus.

So, last weekend we spent $4 in parking to spend a day at the museum. How much would we have spent if not for the free access? $12.50 per adult and $7.50 per child ( not counting the baby ). So, the total WOULD have been $40! Geez! That is crazy! Guess how much we paid for our year long passes? Well, let's just say it was only $14 more than that. So, we paid $54 for the year. Yes, the year!! And, the normal ticket price to the Cincinnati Children's Museum would cost us $7.25 per adult and $5.25 per child. So, that would be $25 each time we wanted to go. And, since we already went to the Cincinnati Museum one weekend already, we are already ahead $11!! Plus, we get to go the rest of the year ( it is only Feb ).

On top of that, I meet other mothers there during the week with our kids. So, I use this pass ALOT!! And, it is FUN! One of my friends use their passes when they are going on vacation. If they are on a long road trip with the kids, they will see what cities they are driving through in the US and plan pit stops at the museums for an hour to give the kids a chance to run and stretch...for free!

Now, how, may you ask, did I get my year long passes for $54 for a family of 5? If you go to the website, you will notice passes are $100 for the year. Our museum runs specials every Christmas season ( this has been going on for years now ). But, don't be fooled. They almost sucker me in every year with their December specials of $20 off your membership, etc.
BUT...if you can hold off until the weekend BEFORE Christmas, and make a trip in person to the museum, they have always had a buy one family pass get one family pass ( to give as a gift ). Well, family friends of ours split this with us every year. So, last year I spent a $100 for two family passes and gave it as a gift to my friends. They in turn cut me a check for half of that. So, I only spent $50! This past year they made the truck down to the museum the weekend before and bought two passes. So, I cut her a check this year for half! This year, it will be my turn to truck down there again.

Now, I have no idea if your museum has the weekend before Christmas specials. would be worthwhile to call them and check to see if they ran any specials during December ( or ask them when their best deals normally are ). Then mark that month on your calendar and remember to go buy your passes. If you would like to see an example of all the museums across the US that participate in the sharing program, click here. It is amazing! I am looking forward to another year of discovery for my children as they experience many different adventures at all the surrounding museums!
If you would like to read my previous post on our last Super Saturday Savings Adventure, click here! Hope you had a fun weekend, too!

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Andrea said...

OK, I don't know if I should say this...but we have passes too and got them when they were two for one! I love that we can use them at COSI! That place is great!