Monday, February 25, 2008

Another $10 Check from My Survey!! Make sure to sign up! seems like just yesterday I posted that I got a $10 check from My Survey in the mail. And, here it is...a few weeks later and I have another $10 check!

Of course, I did have one big survey that was worth $10 all on it's own. BUT...this is why it is important to sign up for surveys! I also did quite a few screeners last week, that were worth 10 cents each. I didn't qualify for the actual surveys, but at least I got a little money for answering a few quick questions. This why I like this company. Quick, short prescreeners, AND you get paid a little bit, even if you don't qualify for the actual survey!

When do I do surveys? Well, I spend only 2 hours a day doing all my savings and earnings techniques. And, I try to limit it to a time while the kids are napping. So, Thursday is my survey day!! I have an email account set up for surveys only, and I don't look at it until Thursday. On that day, I log in and do as many surveys as I can for 2 hours. Some might have expired during the week, but to is more worthwhile to simply sit down at one time and do as many as I can then.

Do you want to try My Survey, too? Simply click here. Even if you are not an expecting mother or have a child 2 or younger as it states, you can still apply!

Are you an expecting mother? Click the picture above. Are you a new mom? Click the picture below. These are special invites just for you!

So, what day is good for you? Set that day aside ( like it is your job ) and sign in on that day and enjoy answering questions that will impact products you use everyday! It is fun and beneficial! Click here to read my original article on Surveys. Enjoy!

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