Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mega Money in Online Offers!! $14,650 and counting!!

Look what was in my mailbox today!! A $1,000 check and a free $10 Walmart gift Card. Boy, has it been a good few days. First, the return of the $1,000 pavilion and now another $1,000 bonus!

And, it is all thanks to those crazy online offers you always see. Or, the emails you get in the spam mailbox. Have you seen these? An example: Get a Free Year of Gas!! Or, get a Free Prada Purse!! And, I assume most of you do not click on these, because you do not think they are legit. OR, you do click, see you have to actually sign up for offers and then decide against it.

Well, I am here to tell you they are worth it! I have been doing them for the last few years and have gotten over $14,000. Yes, that is true. And, I would have gotten more, except last year was a slow year for me. We had a new baby and I didn't work on anything for about 6 months. Oh, well, baby Noah boy was well worth it!

Here are some examples of what I have gotten ( but please do not sign up with these sites until reading details and/or asking questions ):

  • creditfor1year - $1,200
  • mygiveawaycentral - $600
  • plasmaTV4free - $825
  • rewardmyopinion - $1,000
  • 50DollarGiftCard - $50
  • rewardsvenue - $2,000
  • everyfreegift - $1,000
  • consumergain - $500
  • yourgiftcards - $100
  • exclusiverewards - $1,000
  • bigwin - $1,000
  • mypremiumrewards - $1,500
  • internetopiniongroup - $1,000
  • toyoffer - $2,000
  • pays2shop - $500
  • consumer reward zone - $500

I have another $1,000 on the way, and I am getting ready to start another $500 offer this week.

Now, here are some details for you. First, not all of these companies are legit. So, don't sign up without researching. Second, there are two different types. They are DIY ( Do it Yourself ) and Referral sites. Third, each parent company has MANY different sub-sites. I will call them that, for a lack of a better term. You can only do 1 per household per sub-site ( do NOT try to play games with them and use different email addresses, a parents address, etc, etc. This is unethical and if they catch you, you can be banned from all future sites. ONE PER HOUSEHOLD PER SITE ). do you get started, you may ask?

Let's start at the beginning.

1. You first need to find a site you are interested in. Do you want DIY or Referral? DIY costs you a little more, so less profit. But, you don't have to rely on someone else and potentially get nothing if they don't come through on their end. Referral sites usually are less out of pocket, you need to refer someone that completes their WHOLE process, and then you can get your gift. Personally, I have done mostly DIY sites. The only 2 sites listed above that were referral sites were plasmaTV4free and mygiveawaycentral. If you want to do a referral site, there is a program called Referral Swapper, that I highly recommend. Not only can you pay someone to be your referral, you can also swap with them. Meaning, you would be their referral for another site. Or, better yet, you can get paid to be someone elses referral!! If it is well worth the $10 lifetime membership fee.

Referral Swapper

a. Here are my favorite parent companies, in order, please click on them to go to a list of their available sites and read my comments on each company:

2. Now, you have your site picked out, you need to set up a new email address for this. Go to either yahoo, hotmail or some other email provider you have access to and set up a free account. I am serious on this, you will get gobs and gobs of spam!!!! You do not want this mixed with your personal email account.

3. Once you have your email address ready to go, you can sign up. You will want to fill out the registration on that first page.

4. You will come to page after page of questions. If there is a skip page on the bottom, click that. If not, answer no to everything! These do not count towards your free gift, so I quickly scroll through and say no to all. This will take a good few minutes, but just keep going.

5. Once you get to a page that says OFFERS PAGE 1, or something along those lines, it is time to stop and begin completing the process. Usually, it will also show your account information, including name and address, on the top of the page. And, what, may you ask are offers? Offers are things such as: Blockbuster Online, Netflix, Trimlife 30 day trial, BMG Music Club, etc, etc. Each page will require you fill out a certain number of these type of offers.

6. Now, you want to scroll to the bottom and click the next page button ( even though you haven't filled out any offers yet ). Keep clicking through these pages until you get to one that says when you click, you will go to bonus offers. This means you are on the last page of offers. You always want to start on the last page and work backwards. Also, don't worry about the bonus offers. They are not required.

7. Now that you are on the last page, you will usually see the least amount of offers to choose from and the offers that will cost you the most. The reason we do this page first, is if there is nothing you can don't want to do this site at all. And, if you would have started at the first page with the cheap offers, you would have completed all these offers...only to get to the last page and be stuck. So, start LAST FIRST!

8. This is where you want to begin a detailed spreadsheet and get your planner out. As you sign up for offers, you need to immediately log the name and website of the company, date you signed up, the date you need to cancel, a column for actual cancel date, the amount spent, the phone number and contact information and a column for notes. You will then want to also write in your planner what day to call and cancel. I always call at least 3 days before I have to. This is simply a safety measure.

9. Once you are done with the last page, then click on the previous page button at the bottom of the screen. Now, you are on the next page. Again, find the lowest offers ( I usually go through all the pages first and log on my spreadsheet what I will do for each page before I begin signing up for offers on any of them ). Once done and logged, keep going to the previous page and repeating until you get to the first page.

a. A few pointers. I like to use credit cards online, and many credit cards will give you virtual numbers for online transactions. If this is a company you will not need to be billed on a rotating basis for, then a virtual number is a good idea.

b. when you sign up for offers, click and see what the requirements are to get credit. Some of them will say you just need to do the 1 month trial. Others will say you need to stay past the one month trial and become paying. If this is the case, you need to calculate what that one month of being a paying member is on your spreadsheet. BUT PLEASE, check each offer to see the requirements.

10. Now that all your offers are set up, it is just time to wait. You will want to read each companies terms and conditions, but usually it is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks before they will approve. I then mark on my planner when the 6 week mark ( or whatever the date for the company ) is and circle. This will be the day I will need to send in for manual credit.

a. A note to everyone. I have ALWAYS had to get manual credit for at least one, if not many, offers. This is nothing to be worried about. Don't fret when everything approves except one. And, don't contact customer support before your 6 week (or whatever ) mark is up. They will NOT help you until then. So, just sit back and relax for the next month and a half.

11. After I am all signed up, I check my account once a week. This original process can take you anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. So, make sure you schedule it for when you have a block of time. You need to do ALL the offers at once. Otherwise, you risk getting yourself off track. Most of these companies give you a timeframe from the day you registered to completed the whole process, or you lose! So, it is important to get the 1st step done in one sitting. But, after the initial sign up, each week I only have to log on and spend a few minutes seeing what updated to approved, check the email account to see what emails/receipts I have gotten and file them appropriately online, etc.

a. Keep ALL emails, receipts and credit card statements with the charges and information from your offers. You will need all this to send in when you need to get manual credit on a few offers.

13. Once products begin arriving in the mail from the offers you completed, you need to make sure to organize them. If you will need to return some products, keep them seperate. Others, if you get to keep and you don't want them, you can sell them on ebay and make a little more money. Finally, there may be some products you want to keep ( we needed a new coffee maker last year, so we kept that ). All in all, you will want to legitimately see if you like some of the products. They are giving alot of free products and money away, and it would at least be nice if you seriously consider some of the products. I like to stay a member of at least a few for a month or so. The cost I invest is still nothing compared to the check I get in the mail.

14. After your 6 weeks is up, you will then contact customer service ( preferably by phone if possible ) to see what to do in order to get manual credit. As soon as they tell you, work on it immediately and get it in the mail. I like to send things with delivery confirmation, so I know it got there. Please do NOT send it if it will require a signature. These companies work out of PO Boxes a lot of times, or even if not, they will usually not sign for letters.

15. Once they get the manual documentation, they will normally update within a few days.

16. Now that everything is approved, print out the certificates that become available and follow the directions. Each site is slightly different. If they ask for a w-9 form, make sure to send that along.

a. Just a note: if your prize is over $500-600 dollars, they are required by law to submit a w-9 to the government, and you will have to file this on your taxes. The companies will mail you your tax forms at the end of the year. So, do not be surprised when you need to enter your Social Security # or Tax ID and mail it in to the company. There is no way for them to get around this!

17. I usually send it again with delivery confirmation, and then once a week, I check to see when my status changes to confirmed and then shipped.

18. Read the terms and conditions or the FAQ on the site. It will tell you how long they have to ship it. It usually is another 6-8 weeks again.

All in all, I usually start the process and have a check in hand 3 to 4 months later. It seems like a long time, but for the original 2 hour committment to sign up, the high payout is worth the wait to me.

Before I go, I want to add that the profit per site will vary. Depending on offers you choose, it will depend on how much you actually make. And, as you do more sub-sites within a company ( many times you can't repeat offers ) you will have to begin to do some of the more expensive offers. The good thing is that these companies are constantly adding offers.

Here are some examples of how much I spent for the gift:

  • mygiveawaycentral - spent $91 but got $600 - profit $509
  • plasmaTV4free - spent $90 but got $800 - profit $710
  • rewardmyopinion - spent $226 but got $1000- profit $774 ( notice how the DIY site costs more )
  • exclusiverewards - $384 but got $1000 - profit $617
  • consumergain - $76 but got $500 - profit $424
  • everyfreegift - $177 but got $1000 - profit $820

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

One final note before I finish, many people worry when they don't get their welcome emails and can't get their passwords to log into their account. This is VERY common. First, check spam. If it not there, simply call customer service, if they have a phone number. They will manually send you one.

Anyway, I hope this information helps you see the earning potential in these offers. I STRONGLY suggest you email me or someone else who has done these if you have questions. It is not hard to do, especially after you have done one, but it can be confusing at first.

Good luck! It is a lot of fun!

Updated 2/7/08: Here is my latest post on getting $20 Gas Gift cards from the offers I had to do for one of these sites. This may be a helpful tip for you to read!

Updated 2/11/08: I just posted an article to a new offer that just came out for Internet Opinion Group that would be a good starting point for beginners. EXPIRED!!

Updated 2/13/08: Click here for some more helpful hints on Internet Opinion Group.

Updated 2/19/08: Click here to read some of my favorite offers to complete

Updated 3/3/08: Click here to see how I got an additional $25 Visa Gift Card


Anonymous said...

Can you please explain more as to how you get this money? Answer questions?
It honestly does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on my email from moneysavingsnow and they had something that said take this survey and get 2 nights hotel. Is this real and how can one research and tell?
I've been looking at offers on my credit card and wondering are they real. How can I tell?

Carrie Marie said...

In regards to the firs post, about the 2 nights hotel, feel free to send me a copy and I can look at it for you. When I first started, a good idea was to look up the web page, and also go to the terms and conditions and get the name of the parent company. Then, take that information and go to Do a search to see what others are saying about that particular website. If good, then you should be OK to start the process. If bad or no comments at all, I would not suggest being the first person to try them out. You are taking a large risk.

Carrie Marie said...

What offers on your credit card? Send me the names and an explanation of the what they are offering, and I will let you know what I think. Feel free to email me directly if you are more comfortable.

Carrie Marie said...

I have always gotten the money in either a form of a check or, in some cases, I have gotten the money in the form of a prepaid credit card.
Others choose to go for the prizes. For example, the first offer I ever did was for a 42 Plasma TV. But, when it came down to pick out my prize, I decided to take the $2,000 instead. The $800 I just recently received was also for a 42 inch Plasma TV, and I chose the money instead. Although I probably could have taken the TV and sold it for more, I am always afraid of it getting damaged in shipping and then having a problem reselling or returning.
But, I know some people would rather have the actual gifts. It is up to you.
The basics is this. The companies pay you these large amounts of money to do offers ( sign up for Netflix, Blockbuster online, Denise Austin Weight Loss site, Columbia House DVDs, etc ). How do they make their money, you may ask? I am sure, on people who start the process and never finish! ( hence, always do the last page first and work backwards ) If you are not an organized person, this is not for you!! You need to keep a spreadsheet and a planner so you know when to cancel these programs, send your paperwork in, etc, etc.
I am a very detail oriented person, so this is easy for me and does not take me much time or effort. But, if someone that was not organized signed up, I am sure these websites could take them for a ride.
For example, if you signed up for the Denise Austin website, it bills you every month for a set amount of money ( it used to be $6). Well, if someone forgot about it and didn't cancel, they could keep getting billed month after month.
And, yes, I am free to answer any questions you may have. You can email me anytime or post your specific question here.

Cheryl said...

I was looking to do the one you had just posted about the 500 wal mart card,It seems all to easy?I clicked away and one offer I was thinking of is Disney Books offer.but if I only do that one it seems like it would be way to good to be true to get a gift card for just that?Maybe I am just way to leary

Carrie said...

Hi Cheryl,
That is a good question...and you are right...that is to good to be true! It is usually more like 7 offers to get the $500. My investment for a $500 on one of their sites can run me as high as $90. So, my profit would be a little over $400.
You can email me directly, and I will gladly help you understand the process. There are some offers that seem more expensive then they really are. They will lead you to believe it is going to cost you $100 plus dollars for the offer, when you can instead do it for under $10.
But, first...go to the bottom of the page you are on where it says you need to do 1 offer, you should see a section to click to the 2nd page. You want to keep clicking through the pages until you get to the last page and work backwards. I believe this site had 4 pages of offers you needed to do, but I can't remember exactly. It usually goes something like...1 offer on the 1st page, 2 offers on the 2nd page, 3 offers on the 3rd page and 1 offer on the last page. But, each site is slightly different. And, I would not recommend doing Disney, if you can find others instead. The only tends to cost more than some of the other offers you can do. But, I will leave that up to you! :-) If you need the Disney books, then it might be worth it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just spent the last hour and a half doing a survey for a
$1000 gift card. I am a little spent at the moment and wondering if I did it right. My first question is...Do you have to finish the survey from start to finish in one setting. I was kicked off once and went back to finish. I am wondering if I should cancel everything I just did with all the companies so I don't lose money. Also, how do you know if you completed an entire survey. It seems to just keep going on and on. Do you receive an email or anything. Thank you, Anne Bell

Carrie @ said...

Hi Anne Bell,

In regards to the survey, are you talking about the first part where you need to answer yes or no to all the different questions?

It should take mere minutes...10 minutes if it is a long survey, to get thru it all.

You answer NO to everything! Don't even read any of it.

What site did you do?

IF you mean the actual part of it whee you need to fulfill offers on each page ( for example: 2 on page 1, 3 on page 2, etc, etc,) to meet your requirement, that is something different.

It does not all need to be done in one sitting. You can log back into your account and pick up where you left off on those offers.

BUT, I highly advise to get all your offers done at once...or at the very least, within a few days of each other.

With some sites ( again, I dont' know what site you did ), you only have 60 days for everything to approve, etc. The clock starts as SOON as you set up your account, so you want to get offers done ASAP to make sure they all approve and you don't need to get manual credit or do replacements.

I keep a spreadsheet to know if I have done all the required offers. For example, the site will tell you how many per page you need to do.

So, on my spreadsheet I show 1 offer on Page 1, 2 offers on Page 2, 4 on Page 3, etc. And, I mark what I signed up for from each page.

Then, when you log back in, you should see the offer show pending n your history.

Feel free to email me directly if my comment back is confusing. I will be glad to explain it in more detail for you.


Jessica said...

Can you send me a sample spreadsheet? I love making spreadsheets, and am very organized, so I am considering doing these kinds of offers. It would be nice to see how you do you spreadsheet though, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel

Carrie @ said...

Hi Jessica,

Feel free to email me, and I can send you a copy.

It is actually quite simple.

Column A is Offer Name/Site Name
Column B is Page/Level ( meaning a Gold Offer, Silver Offer, etc )
Column C is Sign Up Date
Column D is Cancelled Date ( I will estimate the date and Bold it until I officially cancel...then I unbold it and put the actual date )
Column E is Credit Date ( the date the site finally approved )
Column F is Estimated Cost
Column G is Actual Cost
Column H is Phone Number or Site where I need to go to Cancel
Column I is Notes
Column J is Terms/Condition (I copy and past them to each offer...that way if they change their terms/conidtions after the fact, I still have a copy of the verbiage from when I signed up )

In the bottom of the spreadsheet, I have a NOTES: section. Here, I just randomly write when all the offers approved, the date I printed and mailed my forms...the delivery confirmation #, the date the USPS said it arrived, and the date when they show paperwork received, and then my estimated date of arrival. Lots of notes! :-)

I hope all that info helps.

Obviously, anyway that works for you. It is just about having it all documented and dates/numbers/etc written down!

Tricia said...

I read through all of the information on and would like to do an offer with them but can't figure out how to sign up. Do they have certain times when people can sign up or am I just over looking it? Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Tricia,

I just emailed Consumer Gain to see if I could there current live address with gifts.

I will post it here when they write me back!


Rachel said...

I want to try this, but want to start small. Can you recommend like a $100 offer or $250 offer? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was interested in getting started doing this, but I do not know where to start. Could you recommend a small deal I could start with? my email is

Thank you