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Shopping online is a quick, stay at home and easy way to shop for almost anything you need anymore. And, with the many online coupon codes you can find paired with clearance sales, you can often scroll away with some great sale shopping deals!

But, one of my favorite ways to save online is via Rebate Shopping Sites.

If you have never used one, begin now! Almost any online store you shop at right now can be found thru one of the rebate sites. Even eBay!

This is how it works!

You register for free and login to one of the shopping sites. Once there, you search for your store. So, for example, if you were shopping at you would then find that store on their site. You then click on the link to Sears on their site and it takes you directly to the regular Sears site you would have been at on your own.

How do you benefit?

Each Rebate Shopping Site offers a percentage pack on your purchases. Always check all of the sites to see who is paying the most, as each site could offer a different amount.

So, for Sears, they may offer 5% Cash Back. That means, if you log in and shop and buy $100 worth of merchandise, they will give you $5 back. It is a great way to add even additional savings to your already great bargains.

To get started, first register with all of the Rebate Shopping Sites so you are then ready to comparatively shop when the times comes:
Next, when you are ready to shop online log in to each of these sites to see who is paying the most back and shop via that site. Remember each site has specific payout terms, so read their terms and conditions to learn at what threshold you will receive your rebate payments.

Finally, don't forget to share with your friends! Most of these programs have Refer a Friend programs that can earn you more while saving your friends. If you find a great sale on kids clothes or some other sale you find unbelievable, tell your friends and give them the link to the Rebate Shopping Site that is paying the most!

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