Friday, September 28, 2007

Move over Paypal, let's welcome Obopay! Up to $500 free!

Sign up and get $10

I sell a lot on ebay, and it is amazing how much of my profit goes to paypal. In order to be more marketable, you have to accept credit cards, and to do that you take paypal. The problem is, some people decide to pay via cash in their paypal account or via their bank...and paypal still charges you.

Now, there is a new and better method! I love this company! Obopay! Number one, they offer you a free $10 bonus when you use them the first time. It is worth it to sign up and get the free $10! You can simply use it to pay your friend or a family member next time you owe them for something. And, when you pay them, you will get another $5 free if they are new to the program. It is simply unbelievable. Up to $500, they will let you refer or pay others and get paid $5 each time, as long as they have never signed up before.

Number two, they don't charge fees to receive money. Unless they change this in the future, currently, I have been getting paid money with no charge. Now, for the person paying/sending the money, they do get charged 10 cents. Yes, that is right! 10 matter how much they pay. And, if they choose to pay via credit card, they will be charged 2.5%. So, basically, the payor is the one charged the credit card fee, if they choose to go that route.

Number three, you can transfer money online, just like paypal. OR, here is the kicker, you can transfer it via text message on your cell phone while you are out and about. So, if you are at a restaurant with your friends and you are short on cash. They can pay the bill, and you can instantly transfer them the money you owe them. It is fantastic! My family and friends love it!

I have been making a decent amount each month by referring them to my ebay buyers, also. In every listing I have on ebay, I tell them they can get $10 off their total by signing up with my link, as long as they are new. They can then transfer it to me and pay the rest through paypal. Or, they can pay the whole thing through Obopay! By doing this, I make an extra $5 on my auction and save on part of my paypal fees, if not all of them. I would say I have about 2 out of 10 listings each month decide to use Obopay! So, it is only about an extra $10 a month, but it is no effort to copy and paste my same message on all my listings. And, over the year, that could potentially be an extra $120 or more! If you sell even more on ebay, you could easily reach the $500 limit quickly!

If interested in getting the free $10, you can click on the picture at the beginning of this write up

Update 2/8/08: To read how a recent reader got their $10 for free, click here.


Anonymous said...

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