Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week In Review!

Welcome to Week in Review! And, I apologize, I didn't get last week's Week In Review posted, so this is actually a 2 Week in Review! :-)

Here you will find a re-cap of what happened in my household last week and the monetary impact to us.

Follow along with me and watch your earnings and savings grow, too!

Don't forget to track your own numbers, as it is fun and beneficial to know what is working for you!

Listed below is the total I saved or earned, the post that explains the details ( if there is one ) and then the method where I am adding this total for tallying purposes.


Total Savigs = $1,160


Total Earnings = $585

Plus, what I did that will benefit me in the future:

Finally, here are the free samples I got in the mail this week. Remember to sign up for my new favorite company for a list of free samples. Shop 4 Freebies.

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Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Carrie - I did an online deal last night and I'm having issues. 2 of the rewards I signed up for didn't give me any kind of receipt or confirmation #. And today I still don't have an email from either one of these rewards. What should I do?

Carrie @ said...

I always call the company directly to see if my sign up was processed.

Last time I did mine, I had 3 that didn't go thru ( I think my credit card put a hold on it because I had done so many offers in a row ). So, I called to verify it didn't go thru. They confirmed and then I redid them OR picked a new offer.

Danielle Miller said...

Pretty awesome! I'm starting to get my coupon booklets and stuff at the same time you do, so I know I'm on the right track! Except for the affiliates earnings. But you were right about that looking t was just a one time thing when it was so high. Still. That's like house payments for a whole year! LOL.

I ended up having to cancel my Savings Ace program. That's the one that only gave you 7 days to look it over, and I never received an introductory email with the $25 walmart gift card. I called to let them know I didn't receive the email, and two days later, and I still haven't received it. Yet when I went to their website and asked for a password to be sent to me, they obviously had my email address correct. But I just canceled the membership. 7 days, and with the problems, seems kind of shady.

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

K, this is crazy. I didn't get any sort of confirmation and when I called the company they said they won't know if I signed up and I won't get in the system for up to two weeks. I didn't even mention the promotion I did, just asked if they could verify that my order went through last night. And they can't? that's crazy. Advice?

Carrie @ said...

I would just mark it on your spreadsheet assuming it went thru.

Whenever the trial is over, call them then ( since you probably won't have the product ) to cancel. You can't keep something you don' have.

If they can't cancel you because they don't show you in the system...then just wait to see if you get credit on day 10/11.

If you don't, do a replacement. Meanwhile, also mark 2 weeks off on your calendar to call again and verify that the order didn't go thru.

Just write a note in your spreadsheet everytime you have and person you talked to, in case they ever charge you, etc...but you should be fine.

I signed up for one offer last month, it never came..I called to cancel..and they said they were backordered and my trial would start when I actually received it ( which was today, after I have already sent my forms in, etc ).

So, it was a month later until my trial even started, etc.

You should be fine. Just call them in the two weeks, but don't do a replacement until you see if you do get credit for it.

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Thanks girl :) This thing has me all nervous. DH wants me to do the Macbook deal, and I'm thinking, just let me figure out my first deal before you go wanting the big guns.

busy mom said...

What kind of paper work do you have to send in for the offers? I have not had to send any in yet.

Carrie @ said...

As soon as all your offers are approved, there will be a statement at the bottom of your login page with a link to the form you need to print out and send in and directions.