Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Blanket and More Free Items!

I was so thrilled to get some wonderful deals from Brylane Home and mark some more gifts off my list for the year, all for next to nothing. Click here to read how I manage my sale shopping for the year!

First, Brylane Home is offering a free patchwork blanket with any purchase. This means even clearance items. And, they have some very cute items marked very low right now.

I got this cute, 14 piece set ( it comes with plates, too ) for $3.98, and it was normally priced $29.99. What a deal! But, don't worry, this gets even better.... ( do I sound like an infomercial? )

After I bought this item for $3.98 and got this plus the blanket ( regularly $29.99 ) free, an offer for Reservation Rewards popped up for a free 30 day trial. If I agreed to try, they would give me a $10 free gift certificate number. Yeah! So, I did. As always, please make sure to mark your calendars a couple days before your 3o days is up, so you can decide whether to keep or cancel. And, do a screen print and copy the information from your sign up page for future reference.

So, I signed up and they immediately gave me the $10 gift certificate. The beauty of it, it will apply to shipping.

So, I bought a 2nd set of the 14 piece summer set above. I paid for it with the $10 gift certificate and had a credit of over $1 left. They claim they will send you a check for the difference, so we will see. :-)

This still gets better. If you look at your Reservation Rewards account, you ALSO get a $10 rebate for any purchase from Brylane Home for February. So, I am planning on sending my receipt in for the $3.98 plus shipping I paid for the first order. You want to mail this in IMMEDIATELY, because you must be a member to get this $10. So, depending on when you process this, you may not get this $10 if you cancel. It is not guaranteed. Last time I did this offer a few years ago, it did come thru, though, so it should, hopefully.

Finally, right now, Mr Rebates is offering 5% back on this Blanket deal PLUS $5 in a rebate from them if you are a new member. So, you can get all of this and MAKE money.

Here are step by step instructions:

  • Click here to sign up or log in w/ Mr. Rebates ( get $5 Bonus if new member )
  • Go to Brylane Home from the Mr. Rebates site
  • Click on the Clearance tab on Brylane Home. I went to the $9.99 or less to find my item
  • Upload your item to your cart.
  • Go to checkout.
  • Enter code BHPATCH4U
  • The blanket will load after you enter the code and the price of it will be deducted
  • Finish Check out. Mine came to $3.98 plus $4.99. Total of $8.97.
  • Sign up for free trial that pops up for Reservation Rewards and get $10 credit. Remember to mark your calendar for a few days before 30 days.
  • Go back to Mr. Rebates and log back into Brylane Home
  • Order something for $10 or less and enter the certificate # from Reservation Rewards
  • Get that item free
  • Log back into Reservation Rewards and look for your Monthly $10 Bonus ( this is different than your $10 Gift Certificate you just used ).
  • Email a copy of your FIRST order ( mine is the $3.98, since shipping does not apply for that $10) to
  • $10 Check or less will be mailed to you at the address you registered.

So, for a few cents, I am getting two 14 piece sets and a patchwork blanket. These will be nice summer birthday gifts for some of my family members and I will save the blanket for a fall birthday gift.

How did this happen? I paid $8.97 for the first order, but I am getting $3.98 back via rebate. On the 2nd order, I have a credit of $1.52 after the $10 Gift Certificate. So, my total will be about $3.47 for 2-$29.99 sets of 14 piece summerware and a $29.99 blanket. Wow!

If you are new to Mr. Rebates, you will be making another $5 on this transaction. So, for you, you will have a profit!!

I LOVE Brylane Home and I love Reservation Rewards! And, well, I love Mr. Rebates! Enjoy this fun deal!

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!



Delores said...

Thanks! I'm going to give it a go today. I am not a member of Mr. Rebates -- so hopefully this will prove to be profitable. I love making money from the comfort of my own chair!

Karen said...

What a great deal! I just bought 3 sets for 3 gifts and the quilt too! Thanks for the great deal, I am going to share it with my readers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I have used Brylane Homes before but it's been awhile. I ordered the beverage set and got the free quilt. Instead of Mr. Rebates, I went through ebates.

Cent With Love said...

Thanks, Carrie! This was an awesome deal.

Angela said...

If you go here, you can also get a 20% coupon code to use on the 2nd purchase!

Anonymous said...

I just tried this and it gave me a $10 member bonus and a $15 cash back award. But did not give me a code to use on the second purchase. I'm supposed to email my purchase confirmation from both orders. Still- if they send the checks- this was a money maker and some cute gifts too! Thanks so much for the tip!!

phoward336 said...

Thanks for posting - these will be perfect gifts for my SIL and Grandmother!

Laura said...

Ooops.. it would help if I read the terms of the coupon. In which it says definitely only one order per customer.

Trisha said...

I've been looking for something to buy online with my Barbie Visa (from your tip on the $50 rebate in December). I ordered some butchers twine for 5.99 & the free blanket. Got the code for $10 off the next order which I bought the knife set for 7.99 & the free blanket. Followed your instructions for the $10 in Feb, plus I got a bonus $15 rebate off my next purchase at Brylane, for which I sent them my 2nd purchase receipt from today. I did these transactions through Upromise which I also found out about through you. My OOP was $13.96 (on the Barbie card), we'll see if they send me either of the rebates for $10 or $15. Thank you again for all of these creative methods! This was fun!

Camille said...

Worked exactly as you said. Only I was able to add a another free blanket to the 2nd order. THANK YOU!

Sherri H said...


Wow! This is great. I just got 2 x-mas gifts for our family swap. Yippee! I'm going to decide if I want to keep the free throw for myself:)

This may be a silly question though...Did you just forward your 1st order to and they have a copy of your Member bonus . I'm not sure if I need to give them my member # as well.

Tracy said...

Ok, I am new to this, but looking for some great deals on presents for people throughout the year. I bought 2 sets of the glassware, and also ordered 2 free blankets (1 with each purchase). I noted it said 1 with each purchase, but it went through and didn't flag me, so fingers are crossed! So, 2 gifts for someone this year and 2 blankets for my 2 girls. I also sent an email for my money back from rewards reservations, so fingers crossed to that too. Thanks for the great tidbit!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I was also able to add another blanket to my 2nd order too!! Yay.

Carrie @ said...

Just a general post to everyone.

So glad you guys are all loving the deal. I absolutely love Brylane Home.

I am down at the Blogging Conference in Nashville this logging in quickly to catch up on comments.

I did simply email my first receipt to their email address. I did not send my customer number, etc, but I will check with them.

Also, a note to everyone. If you decide you don't want to keep Reservations Reward as a service, OFTEN when you call to cancel, they will extend your trial if you tell them you haven't had a chance to use it much.

This might be a good option if our $10 check rebates don't come thru by the time our membership is ending. As, you do need to be a member to receive your check.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for alerting us to this deal. I'm not interested in the Reservations Reward part of it, but I ordered the Summer Serving Set and blanket for a grand total of $8.48. This will be a perfect birthday gift for my sister!

Kisha said...

Thanks! I placed the first two orders, and received another offer from Shopper Discounts and Rewards with the same type of deal. I signed up for it too, and placed a third order. All three are supposed to get a free blanket (we'll see).. it told me the code was valid and applied each time. I spent a total of about fourteen dollars (minus any rebates that eventually show up) and will receive the three free blankets and three small kitchen gadgets. Not bad!

Kristen said...

Thanks Carrie! I got two blankets, a salad keeper and the cute summer set that you bought. I love your deals! Keep them coming! :)

Mommy's a Couponaholic! said...

Thanks for this deal! I just ordered a set for myself and then ordered a second set and had it sent to my sister with the $10 code. YAY! What a fun surprise it will be for her to receive in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Anyboday can help? It did not ask me to the free trial?

Amy said...

Oh, yeah! I chose the utensil set for $7.99 and the blanket for my first order, and the same summer set as you, Carrie. Woot!

Thx! U Rawk!!!

lperry95 said...

Thanks! I ordered the summer set and the blanket. For my 2nd order, I ordered the grinder for $6.99 then it let me use the blanket code too. With my $10 off it came to $2.82. Since the $10 rebate doesn't apply to shipping, should I send in the email for the $6.99? I'm just trying to do this all quick.

busy mom said...

Thank you for the email suprise I got this morning about this deal. My first big DEAL.
I did it just like you posted step by step(I love that) and I got 2 blankets and 2 tunbles sets for $8.48. I used the $10 for the 2nd one. I sent the first one in through email.
Question- Should I send in the 2nd one through email too??
I am so happy!! Thank you for doing this.

Carrie @ said...

Busy Mom,

Glad you enjoyed. If you use the coupon code on the 2nd order, you should have paid nothing for it. So, there is nothing to send in for the rebate.

Carrie @ said...

Busy Mom,

Glad you enjoyed. If you use the coupon code on the 2nd order, you should have paid nothing for it. So, there is nothing to send in for the rebate.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you still have to be a member to receive your rebate check.
All I am seeing is that you have to be a member when you make your purchase.
I was wondering because I signed up for something similar when I ordered online from Pizza Hut.
It was for Complete Savings. Kind of the same deal - $12 a month for the membership after the free trial - but gives a $10 per month rebate check for an order on Pizza Hut online.
So you ALMOST make your money back just on the rebate.
So far, I joined in December - order $15 from Pizza Hut - use a $5off a $15 purchase from erewards - and send my confirmation email for the $10 rebate.

But I was wondering - when I cancel - what happens to the rebates I have already earned?
I thought they should still be processed if I was a member when I made the purchase.
I also figured that if they did not send the rebate - that I would protest the charge for that month's membership with my credit card company.

Danielle Miller said...

AWESOME!!! I just did this order. I spent a total of about $4 (after rebate comes in) for six items. In the two orders I got two blankets, a business card organizer, and three of the drink sets. Some nice somethings for me, and some nice somethings to add to my Christmas/Birthday stockpile.

The Ackers said...

Thanks Carrie, for such thorough instructions! This was a great deal:)

Liliana said...

It was a great deal, thank you so much!! I was afraid to do the trial but since you are very confident with those trials I decided to take the risk.

Danielle Miller said...

You know, I did this deal early today and posted about it then. But I've been thinking about it all day and so just can't get over it. There is a total of like $16 coming out of my bank account for the two orders. And figuring that I'll get another ten back, and will have six very nice items from the transaction, it's just amazing. Seriously, I read your post and told my hubby great, Carrie has another deal for me to do, I need to shop, he kind of rolled his eyes. Then when I told him all that I got and who it would be presents for, he smiled so big and was so proud of me! But seriously girl. You are CRAZY with the deals. I'm not complaining. I don't know what I would do without your blog!!! But OMG. Do you sleep? I spend oodles of time online researching stuff too, and I don't see even a tiny percentage of what you come up with! I can't wait to get my orders.

Anonymous said...

The email confirming the order has a link for a free shipping rebate.

It connects you to

It says you can get a rebate (up to $15) on your shipping with a free trial membership in their program.

It also reimburses shipping on other purchases. There are other program benefits as well, including rebates for return shipping, 90 day price protection, etc.

I didn't see what the cost of the program would be if you keep it after the 30 day free trial.

Brylane also has a refer a friend program - and it says if you refer a friend you BOTH get an ecoupon for $10 off an order.


Anonymous said...

Ahh.. I looked up some info on It looks like the cost would be about $5.99 a month - but they bill annually (around $70 something after the 30 day free trial). According to other's experience, they will refund pro-rated membership fees (to the DAY) if you cancel at any time.

So I will probably sign up for the trial membership and get the shipping reimbursed on my order - and also see if it has the potential to save me more than the annual membership fee if I decide to stay.

I won't know that until I join and see all the terms and conditions.


Carrie @ said...


The $10 e coupon is for $10 off $50 for each friend. So, unless you plan to buy something pretty expensive, it is not really worth referring.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the $10 coupon for sure. It is not any better deal than the coupons already offered at Mr. Rebates


Rachel from Texas said...

I have a question... on the details for the $10 member bonus, it says that you have to be a member at time of purchase (not at time of redemption/ fullfillment) so wouldn't this mean that we would not be able to use that original purchase for this since we weren't members until after that purchase? I did it anyway but just wondering.

Also, if somebody doesn't like the quilt or does not want 2 of them, I used code BHABAGSET to get a 3 piece bag set ($39.99 value) with any purchase :D

And on my second purchase, it gave me the Shopper Discounts free trial to get $15 back so I'm doing a third one in a minute

Carrie @ said...


There is indeed a chance you will not get that rebate. If you are doing a 3rd order, go ahead and send that rebate instead.

Why I told people to send it in is there is a CHANCE you will get your money back.

There is a chance we won't, too, if they decide to cancel after 4 weeks and if it is not processed yet ( they say 4 to 6 weeks ).

I hated to advise people to place a 3rd order to use that $10 if they were planning on cancelling, as they would be buying $10 worth of products expecting to get that money back when they might not.

But, if they used it against the $3.98 set at the beginning..which they were buying anyway to get the free blanket, if they get the $3.98 is a bonus.

Hope that all makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that i am not getting a pop up reservation reward?

Carrie @ said...

That part of the deal might be over already.

Often times, these types of offers come and go pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just did this and it worked just as you stated. Love saving $$$!

Lynn said...

Have to say that I received my order today. I did receive two free blankets. The summer beverage set was a bit tiny but very cute. And well worth the $3.98 paid. I'm still waiting on my 2nd order but it should be here anyday. I also recd. an email from Reservation Rewards that my rebate was approved and I should receive my check in 4-6 weeks. Not too bad! BTW, my daughter rolls her eyes after I read your site too ... she thinks I have my credit card number memorized.

The Ackers said...

Carrie, I received the two summer sets with two blankets and two beach bags with two more blankets-my cost OOP was $20.44. I just got the checks today from Shoppers and RR for $10 each-so $.44 for all of the above! I didn't know they were sending the whole $10 but I was thrilled! Thanks so much!

busy mom said...

I have received all my stuff that I ordered except for one thing. I thought it would be here by now? I saw this morning that they took out for this mo. already , I am thinking about canceling in a couple of weeks.
Oh yeah , those white bags are the free gift now. They look ready cute.