Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bakeware and more for $1

I am actually pretty excited to try this bakeware. And, I didn't have a square cake pan, so I am also thilled to finally have one for my family.

Would you like some very "cheap" bakeware, too? If not, what about apron sets or cooking utensils? There are many items to choose from that are free right now, and only $1 shipping! The pan I picked retails for over $19!

Or, don't forget, this may be a nice gift to mark off your shopping list for the year. Click here to read more on how I organize my gift shopping for the year so I can save the maximum for my family.

So, how do you take part?
  • Click here to pick your free item
  • Add Item to Bag
  • Fill in your Information
  • On the next page, you can enter friends names or not. Up to you.
  • Pick the $1 Shipping option and get a 7 day free trial to Savings Ace
  • Information on the trial will appear on the bottom of the screen

Remember, I always mark my calendar for a few days before trials are over. You never know when something unexpected may come up on the day you need to call, and you may not be able is better to have a few extra days. But, this also allows you enough time to log in and look around the program to see if the program is worthwhile.

Also, do a screen print or copy the terms/conditions and make sure to sign up with your "deals" email account.

Fnally, enjoy your free product!

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Danielle Miller said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the fix! I also remembered, I'm still waiting on two of the free luggage things from Brylane Homes, so my front stoop won't be empty.

natalie said...

Thanks, Carrie! I needed a loaf pan, and getting one for a dollar is fantastic!

martha said...

I didn't even realize that I signed up for a trial. I'm glad I read all your instructions. Thanks

Rachel from Texas said...

I did this about a day and a half ago and it said something about a free $25 Walmart giftcard. Well I have been all over the Savings Ace website (logged in) and can't find anything about it. I emailed them yesterday but haven't heard anything back yet. Did you see anything about this?

Oh and Danielle, the tote set is really cheaply made (definitely not anywhere near a $40 value) just to warn you before you get it so your hopes are not up. I got one of mine today. It's like a $2 value.

Carrie @ said...


I never saw anything mentioned about a free $25 gift card on mine, but if you did yours a few days could have been different than the one I did. These offers change daily.


I got my bag set a few days ago and love it for my needs ( but I agree with Rachel...$39.99 is overpriced...good thing it was free!!! ).

I have been carrying the diaper bag the hospital gives you for 2 years now, since it was free, and I am LOVING this new bag as my diaper bag. It looks so much better than the Enfamil bag. :-) And, it wipes off great! My daughter got crayon on it at the restaurant the first day and it came right off.

The smaller bag was still large enough to put diapers/wipes and a change of clothes in and put in my husband's truck. Now, I don't have to remember to move the diaper bag if we ride in a different car. Yay!

Depending on your needs, it may or may not be something you can use.

Anonymous said...

When I tried this deal it kept saying my credit card number didn't match my billing address (which it did for sure). I tried our other credit cards and it said the same thing. Any thoughts?

Kisha said...


I have a banner for a $25 Walmart gift card, too. (Though, it is giving me grief about my credit card so I don't know if I'll get it to go through in the end.) Here's what the details link says:

As a special welcome to our program, you can claim a $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card. Just follow the instructions provided in the Welcome email after the completion of your order. To be eligible to receive the $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card you must be a member of the program at the time we receive your completed survey form. Please allow 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

Hope that helps some. :)

Carrie @ said...

I have no idea. Maybe give it a day or two and see if your cc works then.

Also, are you sure you are the primary on the card and not a husband, per chance.

Or, is the city/zip exactly correct.

For example, my city comes up to different ways depending on whether I put the last 4 digits of my zip code in.

Rachel from Texas said...

Thank you for the info Keisha. I got the welcome email from them and it doesn't say anywhere in there anything about the giftcard (not on the site either). I really hope they email me back soon so that I can do the survey before I cancel.

Rachel from Texas said...

Oh sorry for spelling your name wrong Kisha

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anywhere on the site where it mentioned a limit, so I tried doing the bakeware offer twice- and it allowed it! It did give me two different offers for the reduced shipping though- just need to cancel both! WooHoo- 2 free pans!!

busy mom said...

Hi, are they pushy when you call to cancel?
I have called and tried to cancel something from another co. and they got real pushy about it.
I was just wondering, before I give this a try.

Carrie @ said...

I don't think so...but I guess it depends what pushy is to you.

Whenever I run into customer service like that, it never even bothers me. I just smile to myself and keep saying, "Oh, no thanks...but thanks for the offer" politely. They eventually give up.

In my head, I am thinking, this is well worth free stuff!!

In fact, my husband and I and the kids even take those time share presentation vacations. We sit thru a 90 minutes presentation ( usually 2 hours, though ) and it doesn't bother us at all.

We keep smiling and saying, no thanks.

The last one I did, I kept thinking, I just made $600 for 2 hours of work and the rest of tiem we get to enjoy TONS of they usually give us free dinner coupons, etc. Where could you ever get an hourly wage like that? And, we got to stay a very nice place.

So..I am probably the wrong person to ask if they were pushy when cancelling...pushy doesn't even phase me nor do I notice it anymore! :-) I just have dollar figures ringing thru my head. :-)

busy mom said...

Thank you so much, a great way to look at it.
I am learning a lot from you.

and I thought about this just a sec ago while driving home from elem school. My brother's birthday is coming up and this would be a great gift for him.

Question- Do you see items that would make good gifts for 16-17 yrs. old?
I want to start early on my teens christmas/ birthday buying. His birthday is the 26 Dec.


Carrie @ said...

You know, I don't even know what a teenager would want anymore. :-)

If you follow my sale shopping pattern, I am sure you would run into some things clearanced thru the year...especially in the electronics department. I guess, though, it depends what they need or want

busy mom said...

I am following you- LOL, trying to keep up.
I just did that for the free bakeware and , I am guess since it approved my card and it was $1 shipping that they will send the $25 GC . It didn't ask me for any info.

my teen like electronics , money anything like that.

I thought I would just ask.
Thanks for all you hard work.

Carrie @ said...


I know, I am all over the place...people get lost alot. :-)

I don't think you will get the free $25 gift card, just the bakeware. I didn't get the $25 offer on mine, but from talking to others, I think the terms stated you must remain a member past the trial to get the gift card.

Usually, you have to send in a rebate form once you are a paying member to get the gift card

I could be wrong, though.

busy mom said...

Thanks for the heads up on these deals. I check your site in the mornings, before I leave to take the kids to school, also before I go to classes, and in the afternoon. You have a amazing site with lots of information on it, that is a huge plus.

Julie said...

I noticed on the page where you pick out shipping it said the one dollar shipping was signing you up for the home savings mall for your 7 day free trial. Has the phone number to cancel. Then the email says saving ace 7 day membership and has a different phone number to cancel so did we get signed up for more than one thing?

Carrie @ said...

Mine showed Savings Ace for both I didn't get what you saw.

Call both numbers and check with them. Since you have both phone numbers, they both should be able to tell you which one you enrolled in.

It should be one of them ( I believe they are owned by the same company )

Liliana said...

Did you have any problem cancelling your trial? I accepted the $1 shipping and I have call twice to Home savings and they said they don't have any account with my name. Anyway I only receive confirmation from easybakeware about my order but I didn't receive a confirmation from Home savings. I don't know what should I do now...


Julie said...

Liliana- It showed that it was signing me up for the home savings mall on the page where I had picked the one dollar shipping. I got an email saying I was signed up for the savings ace so I would try cancelling with savings ace.

Anonymous said...

Carrie- I love your site! You have such great information:)

Has anyone tried this recently? I did it last month with the $1 free shipping and it worked! I received my free pan. So, I tried it again this month- since it says you are limited to 1 free item per month. But, there isn't an option for the $1 shipping- anyone know what's going on?

Thanks in advance!

Carrie @ said...


The $1 shipping was because you did a trial to that extra company.

Once you have tried that company once, they won't offer you a trial again ( so no more $1 shipping ).

You can either have another family member...your parents, etc.. sign up ( different address/their credit card )and pay them the $1 back, or pay the higher shipping

busy mom said...

I want to thank you for you info. on this site and the great detail that you put into it.
I just wanted to let you know that I received my new pan the other day in the mail.
Wonderful gift for $1.

Oh yes, I signed up for face book and it seemed like forever before I could figure out how to leave a message( you can tell I am getting old-LOL).

Georgene said...

I always love your deals!

I ordered the bakeware and thought that I read the terms but I did not see what the time is for the trial offer? How long do I have until I cancel? Am I supposed to call a phone number?

I also did not receive an email for Saving Ace.

I did receive an email from Great Daily Freebies from ArcaMax Publishing. Is that the same place?

SUMMER said...

I just completed the bakeware offer today and got the email from Home Savings Mall offering an additional membership to SavingsAce for $1 for 7 day trial and you get the $25 Wal-Mart gift card.Also included is another membership to Food & Fix for $1.00 per month.

sri said...


i tried to order the bakeware.but it doesn't show me the $1 shipping option.can any plz help.i love the baking pan