Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free $39 Valued 3 Bag Set from Brylane Home

Update: It appears some readers are seeing a different offer this morning. Instead of the $10 immediate Gift Certificate, and the $10 email in rebate, they are simply getting a free $15 email in Rebate.

Please note these changes when you decide whether or not to sign up for the Shoppers program afterward. You may get this $15 offer instead of the one we were all getting yesterday.

Is everyone ready for another go round with Brylane Home and Mr. Rebates? I am ALWAYS ready to get free items to mark off my gift lists....or, well, I must admit...sometimes to keep for myself!

If you missed the first deal with the Free Blanket, click here. If you just weren't interested in a free blanket, maybe you will be more interested in this item! It is a 3 bag set valued at $39.99 on their site. And, it is yours for FREE!

Big thanks to Rachel from Texas to alerting me to this code!

First, Mr. Rebates is still offering the $5 sign on bonus code for new members plus 5% back for Brylane Home. Yay! If you have already registered with Mr. Rebates, no worries. You will still get your 5% back.

Second, Shopper Discount and Rewards is the company that popped up on this offer to offer a $10 free code. Love it!

So, here are my step by step instructions for this deal:

  • Click here to sign up or log in w/ Mr. Rebates ( get $5 Bonus if new member )
  • Go to Brylane Home from the Mr. Rebates site
  • Click on the Clearance tab on Brylane Home. I went to the $9.99 or less to find my item
  • Upload your item to your cart. I went for the All-in-One Beach Blanket and Bag on clearance for $5.99 this time. Why? Their were cheaper items, but I could really use a new bag for the pool this summer.
  • Go to checkout.
  • Enter code BHABAGSET
  • The bags will load after you enter the code and the price of it will be deducted
  • Finish Check out. Mine came to $5.99 plus $4.99. Total of $10.98.
  • Sign up for free trial that pops up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards and get $10 credit.
  • Remember to mark your calendar for a few days before 30 days.
  • Go back to Mr. Rebates and log back into Brylane Home
  • Order something for $10 or less and enter the certificate # from Shopper Discounts and Rewards
  • Get that item free ( I placed the exact same order and owed 98 cents )
  • Log back into Shopper Discounts and Rewards and look for your Monthly $10 Bonus ( this is different than your $10 Gift Certificate you just used ).
  • Email a copy of your FIRST order ( mine is the $5.99, since shipping does not apply for that $10) to
  • $10 Check or less will be mailed to you at the address you registered.

After I get that $10 rebate, I will have paid less than $2 for 2 Beach Bags and 2 Sets of 3 Bags. This is a super Wow!

Please note: The $10 rebate possibly could not come thru if you are not still a member when they process. When we did the last offer, we all got a confirmation that our rebate would come. Make sure you send the rebate in via email the day you do it, so they have a whole month to process.

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!



Anonymous said...

Just did this-thanks a lot Carrie!

Dan & Janel said...

Just did this! Did one with the bags, the second with the blanket. Got 2 curtain panels (6.99 each so $12 and then $2, mail in for $7 back = $7 - Mr.Rebates reward, right?) Great deal for curtains for the guest bedroom, 3 bags, and a blanket!

E and A said...

I did step by step and the free trial that pops up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards never popped up? is there a place i can go to?

Carrie @ said...

E and A,

Do you have your cookies blocked? You might check.

But, if you still have the final page up...look below your tally and see if there is a spot that says get $10 reward. It may still be there, even though it didn't pop up, if you haven't closed that final window yet.

E and A said...

oh Thanks! i got it.... awesome deals.Thanks again Carrie :)

pmj said...

Thank You Carrie! I got 2 blankets, 1 lemonaid set, 1 set of towels and Made 69 cents!!! I still have to do the magazine deal. Love This!!!

joseph and brianna said...

New to reading here. just ordered this and can't wait to get the bags!! Thanks for all your work

Danielle Miller said...

Did two more orders. This time for bamboo blinds that I needed. I needed two panels, but did one in each separate order to get the best deal. I think once everything is complete after rebates and all, my blinds will have cost $14. Well, minus whatever I get from Mr. Rebates.

Just wondering why you are staying under $10 on all of your offers? You're wasting those extra couple of free dollars. I would rather get something for $12 and get the full effect of the free $10 even though I'm spending very slightly more.

Carrie @ said...

I originally get an item that is the cheapest but worth the most ( thus my savings are the highest ).

Since I am not positive that $10 rebate will come in if we cancel before it comes, I don't want to spend money on things I don't need.

Basically, I am cheap. :-)

Stacy said...

Thanks Carrie!! For the first two times I got two of the summer cups and pitcher sets and two free patchwork quilts. The second time around I got a salad chiller, a stainless steel plastic bag holder, a set of the free bags and another free quilt (I have 3 girls so this is perfect!). What fun!! I have a question for you about Mr.Bates. When do your rebates show up? They weren't there when I finished these transactions. Do they show up later when the orders are processed?

Carrie @ said...

They usually show up a few days later once they process, you are right.

If they don't show up, you can get manual credit.

Let me know if they don't show up in a few days.

Jing said...


Is the free trial that pops up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards after I put in the credit card info? I check the cookies bloked, and I don't see the window pop up. Thanks,

Carrie @ said...

It should be after you finalize your order.

If not, don't close the window. Look at your order confirmation and there should be a link below your total for $10 free, too.

Anonymous said...


Oh, so you mean I need to put in the credit card info, then submit then I can see the confirmation? Thanks,


Misty said...

When I submit, the $10 that pops up is for Reservation Rewards, which is what I signed up for and used last week on the blanket deal. Is it going to let me do it twice?
Thanks, Misty

Misty said...

Well, i put in my email address, said I'm already a member, and gave me $10 for signing up for Travel Values Plus. Whatever works! :)

Danielle Miller said...

These Brylane Homes deals are coming at the perfect time for me. I need so many things for the house but have been making do with old stuff for years. Seriously, I'm using the same towels I had for my dorm in college. LOL. Today I bought nice blinds for my living room, and with the original offer that will give me ten bucks a month to spend at Brylane, I'll get the towel sets.

Do you ever come across any of these super deals for other companies? Like Boston Proper?! I could use some cute clothes.

lperry95 said...

I went through and ordered. I put in my email for the Shopper Discounts and Rewards. It didn't offer me a gift certificate to use but rather I have $15 cash back to use on my next purchase (I have to purchase and then email my receipt to get reimbursed). Maybe I recd. a different company offer than others did. For this, would you email your receipt to the company?

Carrie @ said...


Yes, we all had to email our receipt to them for our second $10, too. And, we had to do it on our last order with Reservation Rewards.

We got a confirmation back within a few days that they approved the rebate and our check would be mailed in 4 to 6 weeks

Ashley said...


I got the $15 cash back as well. Where do you get the certificate # to get the instant $10 off? I just got the thing that says to email them to get a $15 check.


C said...

I have the same question as Ashley! :)

Carrie @ said...

Looks like the offer changed they things do.

You can either send in your original email and get the money back on that.

Or, you can choose to do a 2nd order, pay for it, and submit that for the $15 back.

You just email them a copy of your receipt.

I will go update the post now on the changes you are all seeing today.

Anonymous said...

Hey, If I did this last week (with the free blankets).. and signed up for the RR program, will it still give me the $10-15 gift card AGAIN??? and do I qualify to get another rebate on my first order, even though Ive already send in a rebate from last week. Thanks, Tiffany

Carrie @ said...


This time it is a different company. Instead of RR it is Shoppers.

So, totally different program ( probably owned by the same people ), so you qualify again.

BREE said...

Hey! Just wanted to point out that shipping is not covered in the rebates...I didn't notice this until after I did it. Too bad too, because I would have gotten more per order! LOL. Also, there was an offer in one of my welcome e-mails to join the deal there is that I get up to $45 in rebates for shipping and handling fees from anywhere in the first 30day free trial. Not sure if they will send you the rebates if you cancel before they send the checks...but it's worth a shot! I did four transactions...spent under $40 and got almost $400 worth of product...and if all rebates come in, I will get it all free. If they don't however, it's still a sweet deal and I ended up getting 9 Christmas presents for what? $4.44 each. Thanks so much for sharing this deal with us Carrie!

Rachel from Texas said...

I had done 2 orders with the bag set code and both went through but when I checked order history, apparently only one shipped so I guess they do find out if you use it more than once. However, in the catalog they sent me with part of my order, it has another code for the same bag set. This way if you are planning on more than one order (like if you are just now starting this), you can use the BHABAGSET code on one order and BHAMICRO on another. This one is the same deal... free 3 piece bag set with any order but it expires 5/31/09 and since it is a different code, even if they check your orders, they should both go through.

Rachel from Texas said...

I forgot to update but I did end up getting all my stuff