Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easy Saver Benefits Make you Money!

Do you remember that great $10 off $10 deal at Oriental Trading I told you about here? And, did you sign up for Easy Saver at the end to get your free $15 off your next order?

Well, my Easy Saver information packet arrived today, and that also meant I was able to get and use my free $15. I logged into Oriental Trading tonight and found some cute girl dresses on clearance for $7.99. With the shipping of $6.99, I came in just under $15, so I got it for free! Yay! The comments do say excludes shipping/handling, but it did come off. So, not sure if it will work the same for everyone.

Since my catalog came, I decided to take the time to look the material over. My 30 day trial is up soon, and I always like to make sure I understand a program before I decide to keep or cancel.

Well, there are some GREAT features to this program. And, I have decided to keep it for awhile.

Why? Well, here are my two favorites features:

  • 3 months free of popular magazines
  • Rebates on gift card purchases ( this makes it all worth while )

Let me break it out this way, so you can make an informed decision yourself.

The monthly price of this program is $14.95 ( call to make sure your monthly rate is the same ) after my 30 day trial.

BUT, you can get $500 back during a year's worth of membership thru rebates on your gift card purchases! That means, $14.95 for 11 more months is $164.45. If I save $500 on gift cards, that means I will make a profit of $336!

What kind of gift cards are there? Restaurants at 20% back ( Applebee's, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, etc ), retailers at 20% ( Target anyone? ), and Gas at 10% back ( Exxon/Mobil, Shell and BP ).

I have decided I am going to get the gas right now, because that is an expense my family will use.

How does it break out? You can get $50 back in your first quarter. So, at 10% off, I can buy $500 worth of gas cards and end up paying only $450 for them.

In your 2nd quarter, you can get $100 back.

3rd quater you can expect $150 back and...

4th quarter you get $200.

As you can see, it is quite the deal.

So, before your trial is over, make sure to order your $15 worth of products from Oriental Trading and then read thru the program terms to see what features you can utilize in your own family.

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!



Danielle Miller said...

Don't forget the thousand dollars worth of grocery coupons, or the monthly $10 at Brylane Homes!

Danielle Miller said...

Oops. Different from the Brylane Homes one. My bad. Illustration of how important it is to keep these deals organized.

Misty said...

Hi Carrie,
Did you take down your post on ING Direct? I posted a question, and went to see if you answered it and can't find the post!
PS, first $500 is in the mail to me, second $500 gift card certificate is on the way to them!! :) yea!

Carrie @ said...


Yes, I did take it down.

ING Direct contacted me and other bloggers today to ask we take that code down, as it should only be for those who received the mailing in their mailbox.

They are honoring all of those that signed up via my website. So, don't worry if you already signed up.

I should have a new ( and for everyone ) $25 ING bonus once I get my account finalized in a week or stay tuned.

Misty said...

Thanks again! :)

Misty said...

One more question, I was looking back, and I haven't received my easy saver packet in the mail. I did it the day you posted about it, so I figured I'd receive it a few days later, but haven't :(. Could you email me (mistylnewsome @ yahoo . com) the website. I don't even know if I can sign in without the booklet. Thanks again for all you do!
I'mwith you, I want to keep it to use for gift cards, but need to know the phone or web to start using! :)