Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mystery Shopping - Beyond Hello

It is time for another Mystery Shopping installment!

New here? Feel free to click here or you can go to the Mystery Shopping button in my left menu bar at anytime to learn more about making money from home shopping!

You will also find a list of all the companies I recommend in the sidebars of that webpage. Simply click on the company and it will take you to a sign up page or instructions on how to enroll.

These are FREE and legit companies. And, they are tons of fun!

This week, I would like to focus on Beyond Hello. I have been getting Mystery Shopping opportunities from them for years and they seem to focus alot on shops for glasses and sunglasses.

For example, they currently have many jobs available for high end sunglasses. Not a bad gig!
Interested in joining Beyond Hello, too? Click here to enter the email address that you will use for Mystery Shopping and I will send an invite to you.

Remember, I highly advise establishing a new and seperate email account solely for Mystery Shopping. Mine is mysteryshoppingforcarrie at yahoo dot com. It makes it much easier to stay organized.

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!



Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work

Carrie @ said...

Thanks. I just fixed it. It is my email of moneysavingmethods at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Pretty slick of you to tell people to send you an email for them to sign up at Beyond Hello. I'm guessing this iss how you get your referral money? There is absolutely no need for anyone to go through a middle man to join a mystery shopping company. Whoever is interested can go straight to the website without unwittingly being a moneymaker for you.

Carrie @ said...

Absolutely. Most of the links thru my site they can find on their own.

In fact, I recommend you not click on any of the links in my posts going forward, and just read my posts and do a manual search then for the company, if you don't agree with signing up under people. That is absolutely your right, so feel free! I am happy to just relay the information and if anyone wants to sign up thru my site..I am grateful.

But, most of my readers are willing to use referral links and then I let them know as well to use the referral themselves to make money. In fact, many of them check within me after the fact to make sure they are showing up under me ( thanks everyone )

And, I always do the same when I go to others blogs, too. In fact, if I find a good deal somewhere on the web, I will then often do a search on blogs thru swagbucks to see if anyone posted on it, so I can go sign up under them and give them credit. I figure someone mind as well get the benefit of me signing up.

I just found a new blog this week by doing that, when I found the MegaBlocks deal. I wanted to buy it thru a blog, so someone made $$.

Look in the future for my new webpage, Refer a Friend programs.

I have been working on it in the background and it should be ready soon.

I will have tips on how the average person can use Refer a Friend programs to earn money ( from passing out their business cards with their "refer a friend" email at restaurans, adding email signatures, utilizing Facebook, etc, to earn extra money for themselves.

And, I will have all Refer a Friend programs listed that they can sign up for and begin using themselves.

In fact, I have a post going out tonight on the new Refer a Friend "extra" bonus for Ebates. Stay tuned!

And, at anytime, you can click on my drop down in my 2009 Savings/Earnings to check my Refer a Friend earnings.

Hopefully it inspires many to begin utilizing this great money making service that companies offer.

The Asher Family said...

You do an amazing job! You search out the links for all of us to save or earn money. I am glad to use your referal links and I am so excited to see your earnings. I also loved your reply. Honestly, I come here sometimes just to look at your updates on earnings! I hope you have received referal $ from me, the things I have signed up for have earned me money so I'm glad to use your link. The money is coming from these companies - not from us, your readers, so I don't understand the previous post one bit! Thanks again!

Traci said...

You are doing an incredible job. Don't change a thing about your blog... don't listen to any negativity. You have shared so much valuable info. Thank you!!!!!

Stacey said...

I follow you through a reader and I don't actually do any of the money deals. However, I believe that most people that read blogs understand that bloggers do make money through click throughs and if for some strange reason they have a problem with that? They shouldn't be reading blogs. They need to get a life. If you post a deal and I follow it, it's not costing me money by allowing you to make some.

Forget those that post anonymously - if it were that big of an issue, they should have enough guts to show their identity.

Laspengreen said...

Please don't change your blog because of a couple of negative comments. I read your blog every day. I love it, and I love seeing how much money you are making. It is so inspiring. I am planning to do an online offer soon, and I will follow all of your advice and guidelines. You deserve to make money off of the referrals for all of the work you do to help everyone. Please don't change what you are doing. YOu have a really great blog.

Laura said...

I like that you tell us your information because if I ever have time to do any of the things that you do, I want to be able to use someone as a referance, and you are amazing at talking openly about what you do. I appreciate it so much. Hopefully, one day, I'll actually have the time to benefit, but with two kids under 2, right now I'm swamped!! :)

Leah said...

Your blog is fantastic just the way it is. If you decide to take down the money earned, do it for your husband not for this jerk who wrote the post.

I think most of us are smart enough to get that if you ask us to click a link then you are getting credit for it. I dont think its sneaky at all.

Also, I think you deserve some $$ for all that you do! Do people really expect you to maintain this blog for nothing?!?

Best of luck in whatever you decide!

Karen said...

I enjoy seeing your earnings and I stop by to check them out at the end of the week all the time. It shows us that money can be made if we try and I appreciate you putting it out there for us. I've had some readers tell me they don't really like to see that on my blog as well, but most like it so I haven't stopped.

I love your blog, keep it the way it is because it's REAL!

Ambra said...

Your earnings are inspiring! Listen to yourself and not anyone else. You were just fine posting it before that anonymous jackass came in here and got u all down about it- forget what they said! We can all honestly say they are more than likely jealous, which is natural and expected of some. Don't give them the satisfaction by changing your blog- especially one of the things I love most about your blog! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :) And if someone doesn't know that clicking link in blogs and clicking on ads in blogs and signing up through links in blogs earn money for the blogger, well... then... hmmm. Do some research? Get a clue? hah Idk. said...

Hi Carrie,
First, I think you should decide what works best for your blog and not let a few negative comments influence how you want your blog to be. That being said...I love your blog and read it daily. I just started blogging late in March and your blog is such an inspiration to me to see what is possible to earn as a blogger. I found several of my affiliates through your blog and that saved me time in searching for them. I also have signed on with several of the survey sites that you recommend and again have been happy with it. It is very inspirational to me to see the success stories that are possible. Whatever you decide should be what is best for you but I enjoy your blog and happy to see that you have done so well. Good luck in making your decision but I think alot of people would agree with me that follow your blog.

Lisa with Saving Money...Living Better said...

I love your blog and am so glad you post your earnings! Your blog has been so helpful to my family. We have saved/earned money this year as a result of your helpful tips. When I see your earnings posted, it's a great reminder that every little bit counts and that it all adds up to be a pretty impressive number! I'm thrilled that you are making money by helping other people! What a blessing!

Thanks for everything! Don't let the few who are disgruntled speak for the majority who aren't!

Anonymous said...

I would like you to continue reporting your savings/earnings from your efforts.

I find this information inspiring for me. It is one thing to read about this program or that program. It is quite another to see your results. That this is real.

Just because a few people have posted concerns, I hope you continue your blog as is. I love it.

Wendi P said...

Hi Carrie. I have in the past emailed you privately to congratulate you on your earnings. I love that you have already surpassed your total earnings for 2008-- WAY TO GO; especially in this economy! I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into finding ways for ALL of us to use to pinch a penny. Don't change a thing!!

menopsycho said...

Carrie, all of us who have been at this a while know the score. We all read this and other sites, because we are trying to make/save a buck or two. Most bloggers use referral links, both as an opportunity to make a dollar, and as a way to share information. If I hadn't clicked on some of these links, I would be missing out on a little cash, and a LOT of gift cards and prizes. I say, keep up the good work,and if others don't like it, they don't have to read it. You are not holding them hostage until they click, are ya??

westsidedonnellis said...

Your blog is great and you truly help others make money too! You SHOULD earn money for all the time and effort you obviously put in. Of course you want people to sign up under you and it would just be selfish for someone to go directly to a website, only to keep you from earning a little for their joining. It's Just Silly! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! I have bought some products you recommended that were on sale and I never would have known about them otherwise... I read you every day.

Dawn S said...

Carrie - please don't change a thing! I find your earnings posts to be encouraging and give me something to strive for. It appears that anonymous is just jealous because he/she didn't think of it first.

Nicole said...

I enjoy reading your blog and do like seeing how much you make and from what companies. I remember one week you made around $11k and my hubby was just shocked. At that point he became very supportive of my blogging. :} Anyways, don't change unless you think it's best for you, your blog or your family. There are always going to be negative "anonymous" people who are just plain nasty in their comments and really don't deserve to be acknowledged.
After reading the follow up comments others have left you already, it is evident that you are truly appreciated for what you do by the people who really matter.

cwalker said...

It doesn't bother me one fact I would rather earn someone else money if I am going to sign up with a company anyway!! Whatever happened to helping someone out?? This person was probably just having a bad day or something!! Don't change a thing!

AshasMom said...

I say keep doing what you're doing. I'm a new blogger and by sharing the info (earnings/links, etc.)You're really helping people like me out.
God bless you!

Josh and Amanda said...

I love your blog and all of the work that you do to save us all money! I love to see where you are earning money; I am always so impressed and inspired by you. Thanks again!

shawndra said...

I would think it is commen sence to click on a referal or not,Most adults have a mind of there own and can make that big decission to help you out with a click of the mouse or not,Please dont let a few discourage how you run your blog,Continue what you are doing Most of us enjoy and are learnng alot through you.

Anonymous said...

I think you do awonderful job, I would not let that email bother me you are very open about were you make your money ane how. One of the very few who do I would rather sign up under somebody up front about it than someone who tries to hide it. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your hard work

NoreInCali said...

I really enjoy seeing your weekly earnings and I appreciate all the helpful and useful information you include on your blog. Following some of your suggestions has already saved/earned me money, so I would be happy to be able to do something to return the favor. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

Mat said...

I love your site Carrie, it inspired me to become a blogger and has helped me get on the right tract toward saving/earning extra money to pay down my student loans and buy a house. I check your site everyday first for the newest information before I check any other blogs. You are always willing to answer emails and questions for anyone who wants to learn from you. Please do not change your site.

Anonymous said...

I like to see how much you make/save working from the computer. It gives me hope for myself.

Richael said...

PERFECT blog as is! I'm so tired of people being rude to other bloggers. If someone doesn't like what is done on a blog then they should stop reading it !!! Please don't pay any attention to those people's rude comments. We love you, keep up the incredible work!

Anonymous said...

don't change a thing :)
you do an awesome job!!

ConnieB said...


The fact that you show your financial specifics is the main reason that I read this blog. I have even told my husband, "Carrie is making X amount by using this program, do you think I should try it?"

It's extremely encouraging to see that these things actually work, and if there were not proof in the form of your financial transparency, I doubt I would even read your blog regularly.

As for those being ugly about referral links, I think that is silly. Running a blog takes time. Hosting a blog takes money. It's not free. It's not even always cheap.

I would hope that you make money from referral links!! If not I would truly doubt your financial sense lol.

Keep it as is please? You have disclaimers posted everywhere, and I love your content, your honesty, and your hard work. You do an amazing job, and I enjoy getting your posts each day.

I have used several of your referral links - to the point of searching for specific posts so that I could use your referral link.

It's a free way for me to support your site, and it keeps the great info coming into my email box each day.


Tina said...


I love your blog. You are one of the women who have inspired me to start my own blog, track my earnings and also track my savings. I think that you should continue your blog the way that you see fit. I think that all the time that you take helping others with your blog should be rewarded, and if you get compensated through a few click through sites than good for you. You are not making anyone sign up and there is always a few people who will be unhappy no matter what you do. You can't please everyone, and you will go crazy trying. If those few people don't like how you have your blog, then they don't have to read. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but it is your blog. I will continue to be a avid reader and follower, no matter what you decide.

DLH said...

I visit your site several times a day and I love it. Don't change a thing. It is helpful to have your links to sign up for the opportunities, how else would I find them. Also it is inspiring to see your earnings, go girl.

Kiki said...

Everyone has already said it very well - don't change a thing, don't listen to other's negativity, etc. etc. etc., so I won't rehash it. Two things - I prefer to be able to link through a blog because it seems asinine to go the long way around when I have a shortcut in front of me. Second, I do love seeing your numbers and your honesty about that. Like other readers, it motivates me, too. However, that being said, while this is YOUR blog and you want OUR say, we don't have a say in your marriage and therefore, I think that end of it is between you and your DH and regardless of how much we all like it (because it seems pretty unanimous that we ALL like it), you are the one who lives with him. Maybe you can reach a compromise where you indicate percentages - 11% of my earnings this week came from X, without revealing the EXACT amount. Something along those lines. HTH.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind that you make some money off of referrals. I didn't know that I could see how much you make on what, but now that I know, I'll have to go look as I'm curious, but definitely not offended that would make something on referrals or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I say, "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

I love seeing what others are doing, whoever and however they show me.

Kari said...

Your blog is great just the way it is. I echo the comments above, we love seeing how you benefit. You were instumental in my blog (which I just started last friday) and you are the reason I am making money, so THANK YOU for what you do and don't change a thing. There will always be skeptics, don't let them hold you back from being who you are!

SharonW said...

I have personally benefited from your blog and love the fact that when I win, others can win too! That's the joy of referral programs. Thanks so much for your blog. My husband now thinks 'Carrie from Money saving methods' is one of my friends I talk to every day :-) Thanks! and keep us posted. I'm currently contributing so much more financially to my family because of people like you!

Kristen said...


I look forward to your weekly earning/savings statements each Saturday (and have been missing them!). If you lead to me to a company, then I am more than happy for you to get referral money from that lead! Please keep up the weekly earning/savings, unless it is at the request of your husband. And again, I appreciate EVERYTHING on your blog. It is truly helpful in making finances a bit easier and a bit more fun.

Arielle said...

Good grief. You do all the work of bringing us all this great information. If I want to sign up for something and it also happens to earn you a referral thank you fee, GREAT. You DID refer me. You also did NOT make me sign up. Enjoy the perks of all your efforts!

As far as the weekly earnings report. It is not important to me one way or the other. I would, however, encourage you to honor your husband's heart in all this.

:0) thanks for all you do to help us!!!!!

Gail D. from Raleigh, NC said...

I have been reading your blog for just a few months but have benefitted in so many ways (surveys, mystery shopping, coupons). I once wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper with a small complaint. I received one nice, helpful response and one filled with hate and cursing. Please don't let one person spoil the good work you are doing. That said, I always skip the earnings info. It is of no interest to me. I am making money, thanks to you, and that's what matters.

jjrhodamomof4 said...

Keep it the way it is! You do a great job in helping the rest of us and no matter what you do you can never please all the people all the time. Thank you for what you do! Blessings! jjrhodamomof4

Georgene said...

You asked for our opinion.. I believe that you should follow your husband's wishes. The bible teaches that husbands are given to protect and lead and we are commanded to submit under their leadership. I'm sure he only wants what is best for your family.

Love your blog!

denised said...

Sour grapes. Someone thinks they are doing some kind of undercover investigative reporting, like we are all oblivious to what's going on. We sought out this kind of site for a reason. Saving money or making money. I bought All You mag. from your site and thought if very clever of you to set up a party with a rep of Southern Living. Wish I was as ingenious!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to say that I LOVE reading about how you go about your earnings. You are absolutely right you CAN find all these links by looking for them yourself. But seriously if you have gone through all the trouble of finding a link then posting it and you are getting a refferal for me signing up under you then so be it. Less work for me.

I want to say that *I* appreciate that you post the links, and the earnings. I am as of yet too afraid to make the dip into some of the things you do, but just reading what you do, HOW you do etc I think it a big boost to people. You have done ALL the work and are telling it others for FREE, so if you get a little perk from someone clicking on your link then so be it, you DESERVE IT!

I think this is just a sour grapes person, some people have to be nasty no matter what.

I hardly ever leave a comment on blogs but I felt I had to on this one, you need to know that your hard work and efforts ARE appreciated.

Mary H

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

I find your information helpful and encouraging. I would not change anything people can make their own choices which you really push. However, I was wondering if anyone else did not receive their Plush animaland blanket from Onestep Babies? I did not and even e-mailed them and got no response!
Anyone having a suggestion e-mail me at


Tiffanie said...

I love your blog and think it should stay the way it is!

Lawanna said...

One reason I read your blog and keep coming back is because you put it all out there. I think you're very honest about getting kick backs (refer a friend programs). And it does inspire me to to some of the things you blog about. Please keep sharing your earnings.

Ashley said...

I love your blog and all the tips I get from it. I also love hearing how much you saved/earned. However, I saw where you mentioned that you post all that stuff against your husbands wishes. As head of the house I feel like he should make the final decision regarding how public/private you make your life and finances. I do like seeing how well you are doing, but I think you should respect your husband and go with what he wants.

The Hansen Family said...

I could click on a site through your blog or find it through their direct site, does it make a difference? If I'm going to be doing it anyway, why not help you out? You do all the work to find us these great programs, teach us how to use them and keep us so well informed, you deserve any measly rewards we can give you.

I have seen this way too often on blogs lately, people feel free to say things on the internet that they would never say in person. If you don't like it, don't look, don't click on it, don't open it. I love your blog, you have saved my family so much money in transferring prescriptions alone! I never would have had the guts to try it on my own. Thanks for paving the way!

I know it's all about freedom of speech to be able to express opinions and make comments, but lord, at least make them reasonable. :)

Anonymous said...

No matter what you do or where you work, people will always be unhappy. You can't make everyone happy! Your blog makes it perfectly clear why you blog. I think your reviews give other people hope and you really work very hard for your money. People who don't like it shouldn't read it or click on a link.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your ideas - I've used some, and others I've discarded as something that wouldn't be my cup of tea. The fact that you post your earnings doesn't bother me in the least, nor the 'click here' links that will benefit you when and if I click on them. But I do have one question: if your husband is concerned about your privacy, what does he think about all those terms that Ideal and those other companies have where you have to allow them access to what you are doing on your computer, and also enabling them to leave cookies?! Do you have a dedicated computer you use for this purpose alone? I was going to sign up for some of those but backed out when I read the terms because of their invasion of my privacy. I've not seen this addressed in your FAQ's but confess that I haven't read all the posts.

Margie said...

Carrie, I have no problem whatsoever with your earnings being posted. However, if your husband is uncomfortable with it, your blog would be just as wonderful without them! As someone who's been they the fire in her marriage, I've learned that the little ways we show love can be the most important. Your husband would feel so loved and respected if you were to cater to his feelings in this area! Thanks so much for all you do- you're great!!

Dawn said...


You have made it abundantly clear that this is a way for you to earn an income and no one should hold it against you. After having to go to back into the workforce to help provide for my family, I am grateful for you as I am trying very hard to get back to doing what I love....taking care of my kids and hubby full time. If you make a profit out of that, then I think that is wonderful. Keep doing what you're doing, you are awesome.

As far as your husband, maybe you could find a happy medium. Possibly only posting a percentage of what you earned versus what you spent?

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Sneaky?????? How is it being sneaky to post referral links when you CONSTANTLY post about how you get income from your referrals?

PLEASE keep up the referral links!

They give us readers a way to help give back something to you(even in a very piddly way) for all the money you have saved us and all the money you have helped us earn.

If I run across a program on my own that I want to join, I ALWAYS check out your blog to see if I can join through you.

Please do NOT rob us of the opportunity to give back to you.

Of ALL the blogs, I really trust your referral links. I know I am responsible for reading the info myself - but I also trust that you would NEVER refer your readers to something that was not in their best interests just to earn money for yourself.

I have read some OTHER blogs where people tend to do this. Even when there are MANY posts complaining about an offer NOT being what it was represented to be, the blogger will just keep recommending it - and collecting their bonuses.

But not with you. If a whole lot of your readers complained about something you had referred them to - you would be checking it out REAL quick - and you wouldn't keep referring it to other readers as an excellent opportunity.

You are straight-forward, honest, and even give disclaimers if you are not sure of something (so we can get in while the getting is good - but also know there might be a risk involved).

Another point is that MANY times the person who clicks through on a referral link ALSO gets a bonus they wouldn't have otherwise received by just going directly to the site.

Often referrals result in a bonus for BOTH the referrer and the referee!

Case in point, I could have just opened a College Savings plan - but asking you to send me a referral email resulted in ME getting a $25 bonus BECAUSE I opened my account through someone.

Once I opened my account, I sent a referral email to my son. So I got ANOTHER $25 for referring him, and HE got $25 for being referred.

I was pretty excited to find out that I can often get extra for being referred to something.

So again, if I want to join something, I ALWAYS check to see if I can get a bonus if I am referred. If so, I look for someone who is willing to refer me.

As far as posting your weekly earnings are concerned - I have often been inspired by the amount you saved and the amount you earned. I have often shared that with others.

But I also see the point, that now that your income is no longer "piddly" - it might not be in the best interest of you or your family to give the exact details of all of your earnings.

So I respect your right to do what is best for your family and you in that respect. You could still inspire us without having to give us exact amounts on everything.

Heck! I get excited by your recycled shopping bag savings. Because it points out, ALL these little things add up.

It would still be inspiring to see the money you save / earn on the “piddly” stuff.

But also – your posts, alone, are inspiring! So though it is NICE to see the year to date earnings, it is not absolutely necessary.

I wish you well in whatever you decide.


Kristine said...

Hi, I'm new to your site and have only read the last couple days. Although yesterday I did all the offers I need for the $500 Visa gift card, Thanks!
Even with the little bit that I have read, it doesn't look at all like you are trying to pull on over on your readers or being slick.
It was very clear in the email anyone clicking on the link would sign up under you. I don't see a problem with that at all. Also, I love the idea of searching out other blogs when you find a offer. I will do that from now on also.
It seems to me that you are posting great deals and I'm very happy if you get credit for that. Keep it up!
As for posting your earnings..I haven't been that far into your blog yet and that seems a very personal decision. I like the idea because it gives real numbers instead of a general idea. I can see your husbands point of view though.
I hope you find something that works for you both.
Okay, done with the ramble, thanks.

Katie said...

Carrie, I really enjoy seeing how you make money. Please continue to share it!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job and I love seeing your earnings.
You do so much work and are so generous in sharing what you know it helps us all so much. I don't know how you ever find time to do it all!
Don't listen to the few negative people out there. Some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about someone or something.
Keep doing what you are doing and we all appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep up the good work. I believe you deserve to get paid for all you do for others. I admit that your site has already saved my a great deal of $ and therefore why should you not get a "kick-back". Keep it up!

Katie said...

You are doing a great job. It is my choice whether I click on a link and sign up or not. You are doing all the leg work the lest I could do is show my appreciation for all your hard work. Please continue it is so helpful to me.

Becky said...

I don't understand why someone would care if you're making money on referrals??? The way I see it is that if the company has a referral system in place why not use it. Your Anonymous commentor could easily continue the referral chain by signing up with your referral and then have friends sign up under him/her.

As far as posting your earnings....when I first found your blog your Week In Review post opened my eyes to how many little money making/saving ideas could add up very quickly. I see no harm, only help, in posing your earnings. Obvioulsy though if you choose to stop doing so due to your hubby's concerns we'd all undertand completely. I have a feeling that when you first starting posting your earnings they were much more insignificant than they are now. I can see his wanting to be somewhat private about that to some extent. Sometimes I wonder though why income and finances are such a taboo topic. I think we all could learn from each other!!

SavinMaven said...

Hmm, I guess some of us are so used to really sneaky sites we make false assumptions. Read around this site and you'll soon see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Granny Susie, Carrie, I need you and your blog, it is super, nothing wrong with how you present it. It is up to me to choose how I join or subscribe to anything. Do not take blame when you have good intentions. You know that green creature is always out there. You were my first blogger to offer me hope and a way to help finanically when I needed it. KEEP IT UP and let us choose, you are a true friend. Remember I operate the mouse. God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Carrie, When I first got into the blog reading I was amazed at all the work put into them. I started following tips from you and others and WOW I could not believe the money I made and saved! It has been two months since I started reading and in this time I have spent less then I did before in one week! And I have always used coupons and searched for deals, my my husband and I could not believe we took to a higher savings with no more work. I felt bad that you- all did so much work for me and I wanted to repay you. Then I found out how the blog thing works and that you are able to earn off your hard work. I am so very happy about this. What you do here is work and you provide us with a service so if we repay you by clicking on things we would do anyways- What a great thing. Magi zines get paid from advisers and so should you.I also understand about your husband having issues with the financial posts. I would like you to know that for me the post have changed how I look at my effort and time. You have inspired me to go well beyond myself with putting my effort into things I would have dismissed before (mystery shopping, online deals, surveys etc.). All of this has paid off big for us. We eat out FREE- we go to movies FREE. I earn gift cards to pay for home repairs and pay for dogfood and visits to the vet. I earned a WII (spent 41.75 to get it! WooHoo!!!) for my husbands birthday we never could have afforded this. I could go on and on with all the things your blog has provided my family with and we are so thankful for. If it hadn't been for you openness and willingness to share your finances with us I NEVER would have done these things. So for me you have been heaven sent! Thank You for all of it. But I do understand peoples need for privacy and respect that everyone has to do what is right for them. So I hope you do what is best for you. Thanks again for all your work, Sharlotte

Kathy H. in S Florida said...

Do NOT change a thing, I know personally that your posts inspire me to blog (which I am working on).
I agree with the others you did the work and if I choose to click on a link good for you, and good for me!! I do understand the hubby's reasoning as well. I keep a list every month of the goodies, the $ and gift cards I make doing surveys, testing products, you data; etc and at the end of the month I say wow look at that, I did that!!! I have e-mailed my list to friends and family and they are either impressed and inspired or they are jealous, and skeptical etc. I am the one smiling as I am cashing my survey check or using my free gift card or leaving the store with my free item! I LOVE your blog, it is awesome!

Julie said...

I personally am happy to support you when I click on your links. I'm grateful for all the money saving information that you give us and it's a mutually beneficial thing! I also find it inspiring to hear about all your weekly savings!

bess said...

I also enjoy your blog. I like how you are very informative and open about all your resources. Nothing is hidden or vague so I am able to trust the referral links on your site than any others. Although I don't like referral programs, I believe that if you are making honest money and not fooling people into clicking your links, you deserve it because you've done the research and placed them in one place for easy access for others. Keep up the good work. You're really an inspiration.

JN said...

Everyone else has already said it better, but to add my two cents - don't change a thing! I really value your website and appreciate it greatly!

Jacqueline in Atlanta said...

I enjoy seeing the money totals. For one thing, I had never felt like doing surveys was worth the time, but you are making me think twice about that. The one mystery shopping experience I had was not good, but I am trying that again.

You will always have one disgruntled old bear who got woken up from his nap early in every discussion. And for every negative opinion given, the silence reflects ten happy customers, bec people tend to keep quiet when they are satisfied. They just speak up when they are unhappy, but they normally do not take the time to praise you when they are pleased. Unfortunately, that is human nature.

I write a column for a local magazine. I get very little feedback from it, yet no complaints, so we figure people are happy! ha

Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing.

Theresa said...

I love reading your blog. Your blog has been such a help to my family. Reading your blog and finding out different info about your earnings and savings each week is such an inspiration to me. I am not a stay at home mom like yourself, but am always looking for different ways to earn and save money. Your blog, has helped me do that. I have done many of the Online Offers and Bank Offers. Since Nov. 2008 between these two things I have received approx. 3000.00. That amounts to an extra $400.00/month for my family. Without your blog, I would not have done that. Reading your stats gives me hope of finding more ways to help my family financially. I hope you will continue to keep your blog the way it is. You have helped and encouraged some many people with it. Thanks for all you do!!!

mary said...

I think your tally of your earnings is very interesting, and if you make money from your hard work, good for you! Don't change a thing and don't feel bad. No one is forcing anyone to use your site!

Shelly said...

It has been said already - keep your blog just as it is. I believe that jealously would be the negative commenter's problem. They must not be of a giving nature...shame shame. You spend alot of time on your blog/website and should be rewarded for basically giving us the steps to acquire things. You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and about your savings, earnings and everything else! Dont listen to the naysayers. You know there are all kinds out there!!


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Kat @ Jobs as a Secret Shopper said...

Your blog features great tips on how to save money. Happy new year!