Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Samples Database!

I am really quite excited about this site!! It is called Shop 4 Freebies. I am going to be posting this company in the sidebars on my Freebies webpage. Click here at anytime to go to my Freebies website.

I went and checked this site out last evening, and was amazed. First, you did not need to sign up for anything. You can simply go to their site and you can register for their newsletter ( use your "deals" email account ) so you will be emailed all new freebies and samples every 24 hours.

And, their site is FULL of wonderful freebies! And, if you just want a certain category, you can go to their menu. It is truly a fun site. I can't wait to get all my freebies.

Click here to access the site and begin receiving all your freebies.


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