Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week In Review

Welcome to Week in Review!

Here you will find a re-cap of what happened in my household last week and the monetary impact to us.

Follow along with me and watch your earnings and savings grow, too!

Don't forget to track your own numbers, as it is fun and beneficial to know what is working for you!

Listed below is the total I saved or earned, the post that explains the details ( if there is one ) and then the method where I am adding this total for tallying purposes.

Total Weekly Savings/Earnings = $2, 352

Plus, what I did that will benefit me in the future:

Plus, here are the free samples I got in the mail this week. Remember to sign up for Freefly and Quality Health to get monthly free samples.

  • Free Tide Sample

  • Free Huggies Pull Up Sample

AND....make sure to keep an eye out for my weekly Freebie Frenzy post courtesy of Motherhood Moments. You don't want to miss all the freebies for this past week. Click here.

And, you can click here or go to the Freebie button in the left menu bar at anytime to see all current freebies.


Abigail's_Mommy said...

Looks like another great week!

Scott perry said...

Wow! You have really got your revenue stream down pat! As a new blogger, what kind of member numbers will I have to get before the advertisers take us seriously? Scott at

Carrie @ said...


Only $50 of that comes from Advertisers placing Banners on my site.

The rest is affiliate revenue. I was signing up for affiliate programs, even when I was just starting.

You can go back in my Week In Review's from all of 2008 and see how my revenue slowly increased.

In fact, it wasn't probably until the Fall that I ever got a substantial check. When I was starting out with my blog, this time last year...I was happy if I got anything at all, then it turned into $50-60, then slowly, I would get a couple hundred, etc, etc.

Definitely, as your numbers will your revenue.

Misty said...

I was wondering about the $2,103 number too. What all does it entail from all of those companies?

Carrie @ said...

Wow...let's see, it is an assortment of many, many different things, from all those companies listed.

From ads you see in my sidebars or on the other webpages ( you get paid for some when readers click thru...others when people make a purchase ).

One is the company is simply paying me money to have their advertisement on my blog, whether or not anyone ever buys anything. They are paying for the space.

The reports are very long on where all the money came from. That was mostly revenue from November, just getting paid a month in arrears.

So, if you went back to November posts..some of the deals were from companies that I am affiliates with.

If you go to my affiliate button in the left menu bar, it will have the links to all the companies I currently use and have gotten paid thru. Sign up for those companies, and then take a look around thru their ads to see if there are any worth putting in your sidebars, or if you ever find a deal you are going to blog to see if their is an affiliate program first.

I always go to Swagbucks and do a general search on the company I am going to post about. For example, I did a post on the 1 cent Santa book back in December. Never in a million years did I think I could get paid for referring readers to do that, but I did a search to see, just in case.

Sure enough, they do pay 1% of any sales. OK..that is not a lot on a 1 cent book...but what the heck.

I ended up making $4 ( which means, alot of people took advantage of that deal ).

I hope that makes sense.

If you need any help in figuring out the affiliate programs, feel free to email me or call me and I can walk you through my whole process.

Cent With Love said...

Hi Carrie,

Quick question re: the Coinstar Lowe's Rebate - did that come via regular mail or via email? Just wondering because I haven't received my $10 rebate bonus even though I have down the second week of January as the due date for it.


Carrie @ said...

Mine came regular mail via an actual Lowe's Gift card.

I would contact them and see if it has been processed yet.

Carrie @ said...

Mine came regular mail via an actual Lowe's Gift card.

I would contact them and see if it has been processed yet.

Carrie @ said...

Mine came regular mail via an actual Lowe's Gift card.

I would contact them and see if it has been processed yet.