Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Samples Galore!


I always love when I get magazines in the mail ( that I, of course, got free subscriptions for ). Before I even read any articles, I quickly skim thru the whole thing looking for coupons to pull out and reading the advertisements to see if there are any free samples or rebates.

Well, my Parents magazine came in the mail yesterday, and it was chuck full of coupons this month. So, if you subscribe, make sure to go pull them all out so you can use them at the grocery.

But, there were also some nice free samples. Many of these are older ones, but they are still around. So, if you haven't requested them yet, do so now. And, don't forget, free samples are wonderful. Not only are they something you get to use for free, they often times come along with wonderful money saving coupons.

Before you get started requesting samples, don't forget to sign up for Roboform. This will autofill all your information with one click of a button. Big Time Saver! And, also, make sure to sign up with your extra email account. Please don't use a personal email account. You can create a new one for free at Yahoo, if you need.

On top of that, this site, Freeflys, is amazing! I signed up and they had numerous free samples listed in categories of Health, Children, Beauty, Food, etc, etc. You get the picture.

Simply click here to go to Freeflys. As always, use the extra email address. I counted over 20 free samples available to us.

Want some helpful hints? It is like signing up for an online offer at first. You will have pages of offers, but you just mark no to them all. Don't even read them.

Keep going thru all the pages saying no until you get to a page that says Freeflys Sample Categories. It took me about 3 minutes to get through all of mine. Then, go to your desired category and begin requesting your free samples.

And, don't forget, from here on out, you can log directly in to this page. Or, if you want updates of free samples as they come in, click on the RSS Feed of Samples at the bottom of the page. Then, you won't ever miss a free sample again.


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Justine said...

There were also the same good coupons in this month's Woman's Day and Redbook!