Monday, January 5, 2009

Swagcode Alert!

OK...this is starting to get out of control! There are new free Swagcodes daily, it seems like.

For now, I will do a post....BUT, this week, I am going to try and put a new list on the side of my web page and just list any new Swagcodes that come out during the week. That way, I don't have to retype a post everytime and bore those readers that don't use Swagbucks.

Just remember to check it daily, once I have it up!

Anyway, click here to read more about this great site and how you get paid for searching the internet.

Want to sign up? Click here. It is free.

Already a member, here is your free swagcode today, for the first 200 people. So hurry! Monday0105

Just double click on the large Swagbuck number on the right side of your screen and it will take you to your screen. Scroll down, and there is a box to enter it.

Have fun!

Oh...and I am a bit behind tonight, after kids are in bed, I will be doing my regular posts...I'll be back!

Right now, I'm off to take my son to his Religion Class...then dinner....then homework...then story time....THEN, Blogging time...I promise!

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