Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Electronic Coupons and their Benefits

I have been using P&G E-Savers for quite a while now, and still have not written about it yet. In fact, you may have seen a write up on Mommy Snacks or Freebies 4 Mom already. Both of them have focused on this subject before, and I appreciated the reminder both times I read the articles.

Why? Because it is a VERY worthwhile program.

And, why am I finally writing about it now? Well, because Kroger ( and a list of many other stores ) have also added another new electronic coupon system called Short Cuts. Combining these two together, you get access to alot of extra savings.

So, here are some hints:

First, both programs ONLY allow you to add 20 coupons per card. That is 40 between the 2 of them. This may change, so always make sure to read up before you load your cards. This is not a problem right now, as they don't even have that many coupons listed. So, until that day comes, I on them all!

Second, once you load a coupon, it cannot come off your card until it is used or expired. AND, you can only use it once. Again, this isn't a problem today, but if they get to the point where they have more coupons available, you may want to pick and choose what you load.

Third, they do NOT double. Short Cuts says it does double, but I tested it last night. It did not double their coupons.

Fourth, these are combinable with hard coupons. This is where the extra savings come in!

So, last night at Kroger, I bought Dawn Foam Dish Detergent. It was on sale for $2.50 ( and is part of the buy 10 get $5 off sale ). I had a coupon for $1.50 off, click here if you want it. Then, I also loaded the 50 cent coupon from E-Savers. So, it took $2.00 off total. Plus, if you calulate in that I am getting $5 back for 10 products ( that comes to 50 cent off a product ), I got it free. Finally, click here to get your money back ( $2.50 ) from P&G. Just fill out the form and mail it in with the UPC and a copy of the receipt ( purchase price circled ). Now, I just made $2.50!

What was another freebie thanks to the electronic coupons? Betty Crocker Frosting ( which I stock up on for a GREAT brownie/cake recipe I use for parties ). It was on sale for $1.50. I had a 55 cents off coupon that was double to $1.00 at Kroger. Then, the Short Cuts coupon I loaded to my card was for 55 cents. So, I made 5 cents on that deal!

And, don't forget the Cottenelle 4 pack of toilet paper is on sale this week at Kroger for 1.00. I had a 25 cent off coupon, doubled to 50 cents. Plus, I loaded a .25 cent coupon from Short Cuts. So, I got .75 off. My total for the toilet paper? 25 cents!

So, I hope you go check out P&G E-Savers and Short Cuts! And, don't forget to check your local grocery stores website periodically to see if they have added electronic coupons for you.

PLUS.....if your grocery store isn't listed on Short Cuts, then email them. They are requesting people contact them with which grocery stores they would like their service offered at, so that they can try and add that store to their service.

One final note: the grocery game ( please use referral ) was GREAT this week! I spent $14.90 last night at Kroger and got all this....

2 - 4 Packs of Cottenelle

5 - Progresso Soups

2 - Goldfish Crackers

1 - Dole Salad

3 - Johnsons & Johnsons Sudz Bars ( watch your Kroger printable coupons. $3 off 3 gets them all free )

1 - Special K Cereal Bars

1 - Betty Crocker Frosting

3 - Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes

2 - Hormel Chili

1 - Success Rice

2 - Windex

2 - Welch's Juice

1 - Kroger Distilled Water

1 - Kraft Sliced Cheese

2 - Aunt Millie Pototo Bread

2 - Cat Food Bags

3 - Hot Pocket Calzones

2 - Philly Whipped Cream Cheese

1 - Kraft Shredded Cheese

1 - Dawn Detergent

3 - Frenchs Mustard

6 - Yoplait Yogurt

Total value was $100! That is an 85% savings on my grocery bill. Of course, I used the grocery game ( please use referral ), electronic coupons, credits for reusing my grocery bags and the coupons I bought online from eBay.

Thanks to CVS and Walgreens ( I have gift cards and Extra Cash Back stacked up from both due to transferred prescription and the Walgreens Rebate Program ), I will be able to go get my milk, egges and other staples we need without paying any money plus earning a little by buying their rebate and sale items.

And, I also plan to run by Meijer this week again. The grocery game ( please use referral ) let me in on the fact that they have amazing prices on certain meats and vegetables! Sicne I would like to keep my weekly bill below $50, I have allotted myself about $35 to spend on meats and veggies ( and with the sales, I should be able to make that go pretty far and stock the freezer full).


Evelyn said...

I'm confused. Do we load e-savers for Kroger?

Carrie @ said...


Yes, click on e-savers on my article and it should take you to the sign up page. You will register your Kroger card # and then load the coupons to your Kroger card. THEN, when you shop and buy one of those products, the coupon will automatically come off your total. You don't need to anything!

You also need to sign up with Short Cuts, too for Kroger and load those to your Kroger card. It works the same way.

Tricia said...

Can you add the link for the refund from P&G for the Dawn detergent? It's not added to the "click here" in that paragraph. THANKS!!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Tricia,

I just added it. You should be able to get to the form now.

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