Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mystery Shopping - Nationwide Services Group, Inc

I have been so pleased to hear from so many of you that you are enjoying Mystery Shopping and have already had your first shopping experiences. Isn't it fun?

In keeping with my promise to post weekly with a new Mystery Shopping company, here is this week's featured shop. It is called Nationwide Services Group, Inc.

What is special about this company? I primarily get shops offered to me for restaurants. Those are my favorites.

In addition, they do a lot of Alcohol Compliance shops. This means, they are always looking for 21 to 27 year old individuals. If you fall in that category, you will have your choice of shops! They always have them available for the choosing.

Interested in signing up with Nationwide Services Group, Inc, too? Click here.

New to the whole Mystery Shopping experience and how you can make money with this method? Click here or click on the Mystery Shopping button in my left menu bar at any time.

On that webpage, you can read my post on the subject, as well as sign up for the 3 other companies I have featured over the last few weeks. You can click on the image in the side bars to go directly to the sign up pages for the companies.

Who knew you could get paid to Shop til you Drop!

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Rachel @ Surviving The Stores said...

I'm really excited about this one! They have TONS of shops in my area. I'm one year past the 27 cut-off, but you can bring a friend who is between 21 and 27 and have them order the alcoholic drink. I also like that the food is free immediately... you don't have to wait to get reimbursed.

Carrie @ said...

This one is great, isn't it? And, at least in my area, they have some well known restaurants....which I really like.

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant about leaving my SSN. Why do they need this?

Carrie @ said...

You are an independent contractor working for them.

Like any job you may have had in your lifetime, your earnings will have to be reported to the IRS and you will have to pay taxes.

Usually, they will only actually report if you earn over $600, but my understanding is that these companies do have to have this information on file for the US by law.

Leery about leaving your SSN? No matter what you are doing on the web, you can always check to make sure it is a secure connection if it starts with https://

If it doesn't have the s at the only http://, do NOT leave your info. You may want to question them on their security measures.