Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekly CVS Shopping Lowers your Grocery Bill

If you read my Walgreens article the other day, you will know I have found and love the blog Money Saving Mom. She has a weekly list of CVS and Walgreen deals. I print them quickly, pull my coupons and then when I am passing by the store during the week, run in. Today was one of those days!

I ran into CVS and went directly to the aisle I needed. So, thanks to the list I had printed, I bought 2 Robitussins and 2 Advil's. After sale price, CVS coupon and manufacturer coupons, I paid $5.94 with tax. Then, they gave me $10 in Extra Bucks back. So, essentially, I made $4.06.

And, don't forget, CVS and Walgreens mark on your receipt how much is elegible for your Flex Spending Account. So, if your family has one, turn these receipts in to have it paid from your account tax free! I guess that basically means I get another $.94 back.

I will now use that $10 in money when I head back to CVS again and hope to get out with nothing out of pocket ( or very little ). Read Current Deals to see all the latest on CVS, Walgreens and more.

Speaking of which, I ran by Walgreens, too, and got $20 worth of products ( make-up, Contact solution, body wash and deo ) for free after rebate. Plus, I am going to get an extra 10%, since I will choose to have my money put on a Walgreens gift card. These are also listed under her Current Deals category.

Have a great day today, and make sure to begin checking your CVS and Walgreen deals weekly. I pull them all the same day as the Grocery Game and get all my shopping done in one day! No running around for me!

Update 2/8/08: To get the latest CVS coupon, click here
Update 2/23/08: To get some coupons and a run down of what my trip looks like, click here.

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KC said...

I discovered a secret, go to the CVS site and put in a Florida zipcode to search for your weekly sales. Their flyer is different in that they have the $25 gift card/transferred prescription!! Ohio stores rarely have it! Make sure you set your printer to the finest setting because they are picky. I've also printed Rite-aid's $30 gift card and took it to Krogers. This week, I had 5 Prescriptions and have $140 in gift cards!!