Thursday, January 1, 2009

$5 or $10 off ANY Coupon to American Eagle Outfitters

My favorite coupons!

Whenever you can get your hands on a $$ off $$ coupon ( meaning $10 off $10, $5 off $5, etc ) or a $$ off ANY coupon, you can get FREE or almost free items. Especially when you match these up with clearance and sale items.

American Eagle Outfitters recently emailed $5 0ff ANY or $10 off ANY coupons to their subscribers. Unfortunately, I only got the $5 off coupon, but I will take whatever I can get and be grateful! :-) So, thanks ae!

They have also emailed these coupons out in the past, so I would highly recommend signing up for their e-newsletter. You can click here to register. And, as I always recommend when signing up for newsletters with companies, have them sent to your "deals" email box so it doesn't get mixed in with your personal email. I have mine set up as dealsforcarrie@

For those of you who were already signed up for their newsletters, too. My coupon came on December 31st, and the title of the email was: In-Store Only - Buy One, Get One 50% Off All Clearance. So, check your emails for your coupon.

And, before you all start emailing for a link or copy of the coupon, unfortunately, they are one use only coupons. So, no multiple printing, unfortunately.


Anonymous said... is a coupon for $4419 off

Jessica said...

If you go to this link, you can print off as many of these $10 coupons you want without having to sign up.

Carrie @ said...

Those are copies of the one time use coupon.

If the person who got the email already used it, it won't go thru at the register, but will beep at you ( at least from reports I am hearing )

Depending if you get a nice clerk or not, they may or may not push it through for you, since it wasn't emailed directly to you.