Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If you signed up for the $500 Gift Card, Read This!

Well, it appears about 30 of you jumped on the $500 gift card from Internet Opinion Group! Good for you! I wanted to take this time to say welcome to the world of online offers...and the fun! And, to tell you, this was one of the best deals I EVER saw. I have been doing these for years, and I have never seen them give this much away for 4 offers ( 1 on page 1, 1 on page 2, and 2 on page 3 ). I have a feeling that is why it was available for such a short time! Congrats to you who got on board! I will try to post next time I see a good offer like this.

First, I wanted to open this up to anyone who wants to leave comments on how they are doing, what offers they picked/why?, how much they spent, and any questions they may have. I will try to answer every question or concern posted. It is always helpful for people to share their knowledge. So, anything you may help someone else.

Second, I wanted to post some helpful hints.

1. If you didn't get your welcome email to set up your password, click here to set it up. It will take about an hour after you submit it for it to work.

2. If you already set up your password, and today you can't get in ( says the systems are updating ). Here is the work around: click the link above under number 1 and reset your password up to the SAME as it was before. In about an hour, you will be able to log in again ( or maybe even right away....sometimes ).

3. Their phones are down today ( the 13th ). I spoke to them yesterday, and they were updating their systems today. So, I have a feeling they are not answering. This is nothing to worry about. Either that, or they realized this was such a great offer and they had ton of people calling to get their passwords. :-) Their phones will be up soon!

4. I do NOT recommend doing credit card offers unless you were going to be opening that SPECIFIC credit card anyway. They affect your credit score.

5. Put your spreadsheets together today, when you do your offers. Mark down important dates, phone numbers, contact information and and terms you need to remember from the offer site.

6. And, mark on your calendars for 45 days from now!! This is when you can request manual credit for any offers that do NOT approve automatically. So, keep all paperwork/emails/credit cards statements that show the 4 offers you did. I have always had to request credit for at least one this is normal. Make sure to call and request manual credit as SOON as you reach the 45 day mark.

7. Now, just make sure to check your account at least once a week to make sure everything is progressing and to stay updated on what you need to do for those specific 4 offers you signed up for. If something moves to APPROVED, wait to print that certificate until all your offers approve...or it will have a different date stamp on it. You don't make it to expire before you get your manual credit for the other offers. But, do a screen print/save of the page showing it did go to approved ( in case they would ever change it ). This has never happened to me, but I always like to document EVERYTHING, just in case!

Can't wait to hear how it is going for everyone. And, when you all start getting your $500 4 months from now....I expect to see some comments letting me know!! It will make my day!!

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Andrea said...

First off, Carrie, you are AWESOME. This has been so much fun and I appreciate all your guidance. I do have a question when regarding the reference "manual credit." Does that mean some of the offers we completed may not switch to an "approved" status even though the notes at the bottom of the screen says 6-8 weeks (or 45-day mark as you instruct)? We than have to request they manually change the status to "approve" and work on our request than?

Thanks again!

Carrie said...

Yes. Usually one or more will still say pending at the 45 day mark. This is normal. You then call the 1-800 number ( I also send them an email thru their contact page ) and tell them you need manual credit and it has been more than 45 days. They will then give you either a fax # or an address and what they want sent in to prove you signed up. Usually, it is a copy of the welcome email (if you got one ) a receipt that came with the product ( if you got one ) or a copy of your credit card with the charge circled ( they ask you to black out your credit card # ).
Manual credit is usually given within a few days of receiving the documentation.
This why you keep EVERYTHING and send it all in immediately at your 45 day mark. Make sure if mailed, to put a delivery confirmation ( not signature confirmation )so you know when they got it. You offer will then manually be moved to approved and your certificate generated.