I Deal Direct Sites

To read my full article on how I make money doing these offers, click here.

I Deal Direct sites are usually referral sites. This is when logging into Referral Swapper will come in handy.

Also, a note...they do not accept manual credit at this company. They credit on a 7 day/20 day cycle. Meaning, check on the 7th day, and if some of your offers credited, but others didn't...you will never get credit for them. So, you then have to do replacement offers for those that didn't credit. Usually, they will credit then within the next 2 days. If some credit again, and others don't, you will need to do replacements for those replacements. Get it? Got it? Good.

Also, you have a small window of time to get offers done and paperwork submitted. So, you NEED to stay on top of this one. Please read your terms and conditions for these sites.

The only 2 sites I have done so far are:


But, here is a great site that explains the whole process for this company and gives you the names of all of the companies ( you will need to check the Terms and Conditions on each site you apply for to see if it is an I-Deal site )

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