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This used to be my favorite site, but now I have bumped it to the bottom of the list.

Why? They have really upped the requirements. Now, for each offer you sign up for, you need to remain a member for a certain amount of time. So, say it is 2 months, if you have to do 10 offers...this can really add up.

Although I still came out ahead, I did have to invest $686 for a $1,200 gift card. Although, it was still good money for a couple hours of work, it does require a lot out of pocket. And, that may be too rich for some people's blood.

But, I did leave it up here, because if you get on a roll with all these companies and have money coming in, you can then use some of that money to fund this venture.

I highly suggest you read their Terms and Conditions with a fine tooth comb before you start.

Here is the list ( some of these sites may be closed down by now, I didn't check them all ):