Thursday, February 7, 2008

$20 Gas Gift Cards

If you haven't read my previous article regarding the large amount of money you can make doing online offer sites, click here. I get anywhere from $500 to $2000 per site I do. It is a great way to make extra money.

Well, there are other benefits to doing these offers for these sites. They often come with freebies! Today I got 2-$10 Exxon Mobil gift cards in the mail from Great Fun. I had to sign up for this offer on to get my $1,000 check. I signed up for the $1 month trial. I sent my form in for the Gas cards as soon as it arrived. But, I knew that by the time the form got back to them, my month trial would be up? So, is it worth it to pay for the 2nd month in order to get the $20 in gas? Absolutely! My monthly membership fee is $14.99. So, for $15.99 I got $20 from them! I called and cancelled my membership promptly at the end of the 2nd month.

I know I only made about $4, and it might not seem worth it. But, consider this. If you get a slight benefit, it is worth it to stay a member a few more months so that the website you are working through ( in this case, ) gets the benefit of the affiliate dollars. Each site is different, so I don't know if got money for my free trial or not, but I would have to assume they got something once I became a paying member. They are using this money to pay you that large check! We want to keep these companies in business!

And, the other benefit? When I called to cancel after my 2nd month, they offered me another $20 in gas to try them for another month ( this is the $20 that arrived today ). So, another $4!!

Although, when I called this time, they did let me cancel. I guess they figured $40 in gas was enough for me! :-)

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