Monday, March 3, 2008

March, In Like a Lamb....$ Already Rolling In!

Wow...March has started out great for me! It was in like a Lamb ( a good day )....I am hoping it doesn't go out like a Lion ( a bad day )!

There was a $25 Visa Gift Card in the mailbox for me today. This was from my PlasmaTV4Free online offer I did last year. I wasn't expecting anymore money from them, since they had already cut me a check for $800 right before Christmas.

But, I had done one of the "promo" offers on page 1. It had stated they will send you an extra $25 if you completed that offer as one of your page 1 offers. So, I did. But, I had never gotten anything, and just wrote it off as a no show! ( I would usually follow up on these things, but I viewed the $800 as enough compensation ).

So, here is a tidbit for you. If you are doing an I-Deal site, and they have one of those "promo" offers on one of your pages, do it ( if it is feasible ). They will indeed send you the promised money, although a few months later. But, I am willing to be very patient when it comes to free money!

If you are new to my blog and wondering how I got $825 free, click on my article regarding Online Offers.

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