Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EXPIRED!! - $500 Gift Card - Great Online Offer

Offer Expired!!

Update 2/13/08: Click here to read some helpful hints!

I am bumping this article back up to the top! I just got notice that this offer will expire at end of day on the 12th ( today ). So, if you have any interest, or think you will have interest in the future...I would recommend registering now. Even if you don't move forward with signing up for any offers right now, if you are registered you will still have access to this gift when you login with your email and password to their website in the future. And, if you never move forward, that is OK, too. You are not obligated to anything just by registering. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

And, you can always go to their website to register anytime, but the gifts will usually be cameras or equipment of some type. I, personally, like getting money. These are the type of offers I try to focus on!

For those of you who have been emailing me and don't know where to start on the online offers, here is a great one! This is through Internet Opinion Group and I have done this site in the past. It states a $500 Sam's Club gift card, but you can choose between that, Walmart, Sears, JcPenney's or just a plain old VISA gift card ( which would be my choice...you can use it anywhere ).

This company is owned by YF Direct/Netblue and is my all time favorite company. It will take about 4 months for you to get your $500, but will probably only take you about 2 hours of time investment now. If you haven't read my article on how I have made over $14,000 in online offers, click here.

And, please read all my tips/tricks in my article before starting!


Lara said...

Thank you for your advice and explanations on completing these online offers. I have always been intimidated by them! I feel much more confident now and I just completed the initial work on this $500 gift card offer. There were actually a couple of items on the sponsors list that I really was interested in trying, so that was great! Thanks :-))

Carrie said...

And, don't forget..if do get some products you don't like ( but can't return ), you can always sell on ebay. I love doing Columbia House,BMG music and book clubs. I always see what is on the NY Best Seller list and sell on ebay for more than I spent. And, I do the same with CDs and Movies! I will see what is "hot" at the moment, buy and resell. This way, I am also staying a member of these clubs and the websites are getting their affiliate dollars, and I am actually making money or breaking even. I

Andrea said...

Carrie, just thought I'd post this here too since I received my $500from this offer. It wasn't a gift card, it was a $500 check - even better!!! Thanks again for all your great info! I'll be posting about my money next Tuesday!