Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Free Online Offer are you working on?

I get these questions emailed to me a lot. Do I still do online offers? Do I run out of offers to do? How much do I normally spend? What are some of my favorite offers? The list of questions is endless.

So, here are a couple answers for everyone.

1. I always have a couple going at a time! To do more than that does not work for me, because many sites have the same offers on them, and I cannot duplicate. So, as the websites add new offers, I will then sign up and complete the program.

2. Right now, I just completed a site, coolfreerewards, for a $500 gift card. I had to do 7 offers. 1 on page 1, 2 on page 2, 2 on page 3, and 1 one page 4. Although this was not as good as the one I recommended to you a few posts ago, it is still good enough for me! Since I have done so many sites now, I don't always qualify for the ones I will be posting for you. I had done that site over a year ago, so I couldn't do it again.

3. Even with the 7 offers, I paid $65 out of pocket today so that I will get a $500 gift card in around 4 months. To me, that is still a good investment on my part. PLUS..some of the products (like the DVDs I had to order through Columbia House ), I will be selling on ebay. So, my actual out of pocket should be even less after I am done selling them.

4. Here are some of my favorite offers! But, I do many more than these, and the others that are not listed are often times still well worth it to get the free money at the end. I like these because they end up being the lowest out of pocket for me, or I get some great service/products through them.

  • Columbia House - Buy the "hottest" DVDs at the time and resell on Ebay - Buy the "hottest" CDs and resell on Ebay
  • Literary Guild - Check the NY Times Bestseller list. Buy those books and resell on Ebay
  • Zooba - Same thing as Literary Guild
  • Nutrisystem - Buy a small product ( breakfast bars, etc ) for little or no investment ( check website to ensure this meets the requirements )
  • Diet to Go - Same as above
  • Todays Escapes, Shopping Essentials, At Home Rewards, Great Fun, etc, etc - discounted gift card sites...great investment for the trial. Many times when you go to cancel, they will give you a discounted membership price that is well worth it

As always, feel free to write me with any questions you may have. And, here is the link to my original article with all the tips and tricks on doing your online offers.


Anonymous said...

You wrote:
I had done that site over a year ago, so I couldn't do it again.

How do you keep track to remember that you did it over one year ago????


Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Great question.
I have one LARGE spreadsheet that I have tracked all my online offers on.
I ad a worksheet for each website, and title the worksheet the name of the site and the name of the parent company right after it. I keep all the parent company worksheets next to each other. Then, all of the worksheets are set up the same, tracking the same info. This is also how I keep from duplicating offers with the same parent company, etc.
Hope that helps.