Monday, October 27, 2008

$75 from PNC Bank is Back!

I am happy to report that PNC Bank is now offering $75 free again to new members. Thanks to reader, Jamie J., for letting me know this offer got extended until the end of the month.

If you remember, I signed up for their $150 new location promotion a few months back and had a great experience!

In fact, click here to read my post from this month on how they are now offering me $15 free just to pay two bills this month thru their free Online Bill Payment System. I took them up on this and paid my first bill thru their site today. And, I plan to pay the 2nd one soon.

Before I move on and explain the details for this particular offer, remember that Bank Offers are a great way to make extra money thru the year for your family. Please click here to read my details on how to take advantage of these offers for freebies from banks and how they can monetarily benefit you.

In addition, all current bank offers that I am aware of will be posted there for you to access at any time. Or, you can always find this information under the Bank Offers button in the upper left hand sidebar.

Want to take advantage of this newest offer? Here are the details:

  • Open a New Personal Checking Account here by October 31st. Must be a NEW PNC Bank customer.

  • Must make a Direct Deposit of at least $500 by December 31st.

Your bonus will hit within 7 days from the Direct Deposit. And, don't forget to keep your eyes open and read your mail. You may just get the $15 Bill Pay Bonus, too!

Here is a quick list of other Bank Offers:


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info! I was wondering if you might know: if you've ever been a customer of a bank in the past, do you still count as a "new customer?" (If you don't have any current accounts.) And if they want a direct deposit of $500 by December 31st, does that mean ONE $500 direct deposit, or do all direct deposits just have to add up to $500? Say maybe $175/month from now until then?

I'm sure each bank has its own terms & conditions -- I just thought maybe they were all pretty similar & you'd run into these issues before.

Thanks again! -Julie

Carrie @ said...

Hi Julie,

My understanding is that is MUST be a direct deposit of $500! So, you can set direct deposit up once for $500, your bonus should hit within the time period stated ( mine did, at least ) and then cancel direct deposit to them.

If $500 seems steep, don't forget, if you set up online banking for free. Once it hits, you can go in and transfer that money free back to your normal bank account. Just remember, it can take up to a week to transfer.

Or, you can just go withdraw the money and then drive to your other bank and deposit it same day.

For $75, if the banks are close to home and you are out and about town, it is well worth the free money.

In regards to being a customer in the past...I have heard different things for different banks. For example, with Chase, I have heard it has to have been over a year ( not sure if this is true ), so I an not sure what PNC policy is.

I would go to their site, find the # for them ( or your local branch ) and ask them. Tell them you are interested in opening a new account, you are not a current customer ( but were in the past...give them the date ) then ask if you qualify for the free $75promotion going on. Don't forget to get the name of the person you talk to and the date you called...just in case...I always do this!

If you do call, do you mind letting us know what they say?

Rachel said...

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