Thursday, October 23, 2008

$200 Bonus for National City Bank

Update: The $150 Bonus for National City expired on the 22nd, BUT they now are offering $200 thru the end of October! Even better. If you missed this offer the first time around, now is the time to jump on board. This is one of the larger bank offers!

Thank you, Janet, for letting me know this deal increased! She originally signed up under the $150 and called them to ask if she could be under this promotion instead, since she hadn't gotten a confirmation email yet on signing up...and they said yes! So, double check yourself. If you signed up under the $ The worst they could say is no!

This is a very good offer. In fact, I had seen the $100 Offer out recently, and was going to post on that.

Then, National City Bank mailed me a flier for a $150 Bonus. Even better! Now, it is $200

Before I get into the meat of the deal with National City, click here if you want more information on how I make money with Bank Offers. YTD I am just shy of $600 with another $415 on the way ( thanks to this additional $150 ). It is easy and takes no time at all for me to qualify for this free money.

You can also access my information on Bank Offers and the current deals I am aware of anytime by clicking that link or going to the Bank Offers button in the upper left hand side of my site.

In fact, one of the best deals right now is the $50 from Sharebuilder when you put $5 in! Click here for details on that offer. I don't have an expiration date on this offer, so make sure that your $50 Bonus notification shows up before you proceed ( will make more sense once you read the details ).

Back to National City!

You will get $200 deposited into your account and here are the details:

  • Expires October 31st, 2008
  • Open your checking with a $50 minimum deposit.
  • Have a direct deposit of $250 put into your account within 60 days of opening
  • Have a Visa Check Card issued to you within 60 days
  • Account must be open to receive the bonus
  • Limit of one Bonus per household
  • New National City members only
  • $200 hits 60 days after all conditions have been met

Click here to access the page for this offer and access all the terms.

There is a free checking account, which is the one I am going to use. In addition, don't forget to do a screen print of the page with all the details, in case you need manual credit. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

As always, feel free to email me any bank deals you find in your area..even if they are only local. I will be happy to post for others.


mom_of2boys said...

Sign up for National City Points while you're trying to meet the conditions, you may "earn" free stuff in the process. I know there used to be a 5,000 bonus points the first time you use it after you enroll. Here's that link -

I used to work for National City. I was laid off from their mortgage company. I can't take part in the offer but I'll definitely pass the word.

Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Wow! Thanks for the info!

What do you use for your "direct deposit"? Can I make a transfer from my current bank to this bank and have that count? I hate to ask my husband's work to deposit one of his salary checks in there and then change it back again.


-Rachel @ Surviving The Stores

Carrie @ said...


Direct Deposit at most institutions is just that. From an employer, retirement check, government, etc.

In some cases, they will allow other options...but I am not aware of that on this offer.

Click on my Bank Offers button in the upper left menu of my blog...or in this post.

I explain in my instructions for bank offers how I set my direct deposits up, etc, so as not to affect our normal checking account.

Of course, it is different for each employer, but more employers I have worked for in the past allow your direct deposit to go to more than one spot.

My husband is allowed 4. So, we use the other 3 for our checking, kids 529s and our savings/investment accounts.

The 4th direct deposit we leave for me to send to different banks as I apply for bank bonus offers.

We are able to just log online and change it whenever we want.

Definitely check with your families employer to see how many direct deposits you can have and how you update them. It may be easier than you think.

Friends & Family said...

Carrie - I'm working for my first offer - the $500 Visa you recommended. I've taken care of all of my offers, but am concerned that I might cancel "too early"...A few things were for a 7-day trial, so I'm wanting to cancel those this week. What can you tell me about this?

As soon I figure this out, I want to sign up for this bank offer!

Thanks for all the great info.

Carrie @ said...

Hi Stacy,

You know...I unfortunately can't go into details about cancelling offers, etc. That is the one "no-no" in their terms/conditions that could get me kicked out from doing them myself. :-(

My advice is for people to try and find offers they think they may like, then if you don't like the product/ what you need to do. They do have cancellation procedures in place and they are, they do expect not all customers to like the products.

With I-Deal, they don't have any specific instructions per offer on how to get credit, like some sites.

So, there is really no way of telling whether you will get credit if you cancel or not.

This is really up to each individual on how they want to handle it.

Sorry I couldn't provide more info.

beegeegigi said...

Oh, too bad...I live in TX so I can't do this! It's only good in select states! Thanks for sharing. What an easy way to earn $150!! Wish I could do it..

Anonymous said...

I submitted my online application October 21. For some reason it hasn't been approved yet. Or at least I haven't recieved an email. I talked to someone at the toll free number though - and they said they would "lock in" the $150 bonus.

But I see they are now offering a $200 bouns.

So I am going to call and see if the $200 bonus is the one in effect when they actually open my account - if I can qualify for the $200 instead.

It is worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the points. When I signed up online - it says a new account is elgible to receive 15,000 points - (5,000 each for starting several of the features).

Since it says you have to enroll in points (with you check card number) to start receiving your points - I was waiting until I get my check card to open the other features - so they won't say I am not eligible for the points for those - since they were done BEFORE I enrolled in the reward program.

Kristi said...

Just wanted to let your readers know that if you call National City Bank, they may be able to sign you up for an account even if you state isn't listed. Georgia wasn't listed, but my boyfriend was able to sign up via phone and still get the $200 promotion. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Kristi,
I just tried to do this offer but I am in Georgia so I couldnt. Guess I will give hubs the number and have him sign up tomorrow.