Monday, September 29, 2008

$50 Free from Sharebuilder


Yeah, $50 free from Sharebuilder again.

As you may remember, I took advantage of this deal a few months back with a different promotional code and got my free $50! And, I own some new stock!

Well, now it is time to sign another family member up for an account!

Once you complete your transaction, you can expect to get your free money within 4-6 weeks.

So, what do you do?

And, before you run off to take advantage of this free money, check out my new button in the upper left hand side bar. I now have a Bank Offers webpage. You can click here to read my details on how to make money with Bank Offers and become a new account holder with an institution, and I will also have current deals running in the side bars.

Right now, you will see the $100 TD Ameritrade offer, this $50 Sharebuilder offer and the $25 College Advantage deal. Of course, I may have a few deals out there that aren't necessarily banks, such as College Advantage, falls in the general category. :-)


Steph said...

Thanks Carrie. I've been wanting to dip my toes in the stock market. You've inspired me to do that with free money, woo-hoo!

Suz said...

Is there a subscription fee to this one?

Jenny said...

Hi Carrie, Thanks for the step-by-step info on this offer. Super easy! Thanks for posting this.

Carrie @ said...


No subscription fee ( there is the one time $4 fee for buying the $1 stock ), as long as you follow my step by step instructions and sign up for the appropriate account.

You will put $5 in and get $50. Plus, maybe you will make a killing in this market with that $1 stock. :-)IF nothing else, you can't lose much.

Cristy said...

Okay...I ventured out and did Now, do we have to close the account after a certain amount of time, or cash out to get our money? Or is the money deposited into our checking/saving account? How does that part work. Thanks Carrie...This seems like a great offer (although I must admit I got butterflies entering all that personal info). Thanks again!

Carrie @ said...


Yes..I should have explained that part!


Once your $50 hits, you can withdraw it to the checking account you used to deposit the $5.

It is as simple as logging in and clicking on the withdraw tab ( I believe that is what it is ) and you fill in how much you want to withdraw and confirm you want it to hit your checking.

Then, hit submit.

The next business day the money will transfer to your checking!

Don't still own $1 ( or whatever it is worth now ) of stock. So, you never could have picked a winner and years from now you will have a nice chunk of change. :-) Wouldn't that be a sweet deal! If nothing else, I would just leave that money there.

Oh...and whenever you get nervous about entering personal info online, one little trick to make yourself feel just a bit better...look up at the address.

You know it is a secure site if the address is https.

For example, if it just says http, then I would hesitate entering social security #s or anything like that. Always make sure it has the s at the end of the http.

Congrats on your $50 free dollars!

Cristy said...

Thank you so much Carrie...You are such a generous person. I feel so fortunate to have found your blog.

Katie said...

Just to let you know you can do this with each family member just use their ss#. For my kids I did it under my account and just clicked on the custodial account and then did it the same way as mine and then received the promotion for them as well. so did the same code 6 times for each family member.
Also if you are a member of costco you can get a code by doing a search on costco's website put in share builders and it comes up. Then fill that out. It does require a member # so you can only do it if you are a member.
If you are doing both then stagger them a few weeks apart so there is no problem.
Have fun.

Laura C said...

I did not get any screen that said 50 will hit in four i quit - please let me know if i missed something here or do you think this deal is dead?

Laura C said...

This morning I had an email saying my $50 would be rec'd when I set up a trade before 3/31/ I went ahead and did the rest of what you said to do. We'll see what happens in four weeks (I didn't see anything about four weeks in the email or on the site). Is this what others are seeing/getting? I'd like to take advantage of this and set it up once for my husband and once for my daughter but don't want to throw away $10 more (if it isn't still working)..

sweetlexie520 said...

I just went through all these steps and I did get the note about $50 hitting my account in approx. 4 weeks. It was on the same welcome page as my username, account number, and account type.
Can't wait to do this for hubby and my little boy! (My little boy gets $5 for each minor holiday from my grandparents so I'll just be investing his own money for him, lol!)