Friday, July 11, 2008

$1,000 Gas Card from Big Win

On the heels of the $500 Gas Card, here is another great offer. I did Big Win last year and got a $1,000 Gift Card. It was great! Click here if you are interested in signing up.

Big Win is a Nuitech site ( their parent company ). You can click here to read my original post on doing online offers, or click here to read my original write up on Nuitech sites. Although, when I did this post on Nuitech, they had 60 day requirements they don't seem to have now!!

This particular item takes 12 offers. Nuitech sites typically cost more upfront then some of the other sites, but they also pay out higher amounts without referrals.

Last year, Nuitech changed their terms and conditions where you needed to remain a member of the offers for no less than 60 days. This made the upfront cost ALOT more.

BUT, when I opened their T&C today, it appears they updated them again in 2008. And, it no longer appears that you need to adhere to these qualifications.

As always, make a copy of the pop up window for each offer and follow the guidelines to get your credit. And, make a copy of these new Terms and Conditions. I would also recommend signing up, then getting the phone number for Big Win. Call them and find out if they still have the 60 day requirements. When you do, can someone leave a comment and let me know? As soon as I move on to my next offer, I will do another Nuitech, but until then, I have no login and am unable to check.

Since I am not currently doing a Nuitech site ( and I have already done this site ), I am not actively participating in this offer right now. But, I highly recommend this company. I have received $6,000 in checks or gift cards from their sites.

Need helpful advice on doing online offers? Click here for my post a few days ago. Although Nuitech sites are a bit different, I would still follow most of these guidelines.

Questions on online offers? Email me anytime!

Don't forget to enter my July $100 Giveaway. Simply click here to read the details and enter.


Renea said...

DO you know how many offers have to be completed for this? I read EVERYTHING, and it does not say! I did just complete the giftcard4free after your suggestion and hopefully it will work! I have 50%credited within the first two days, now I will just sit and wait and hope I did not waste 42 dollars! If you have any help or suggestions on doing more than just one of these, please let me know!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Renea,

I am pretty sure it is 12. Set up your account and login. When you get to the offer pages, always go to the last page first. Count how many offers you need for each page, and that will let you know. This will also allow you to see if there are offers you like

This one is OK to sign up on ( there is no 60 day deadline to do offers, etc ) and look around. If you decide you don't want to do it, just don't complete any offers. It doesn't cause any obligations. Did I have that site listed somewhere on my site previously? I just tried to look it up to take a look at the program for you, and it isn't pulling anything back.

When doing more than one, I usually make sure they are with different parent companies and there is enough offers between the 2 of them as not to duplicate. If you do the same offer twice, you might not get credit on the other site. Besides that, there are usually know problems in doing more than one.

And, when I say parent company, I mean 2 Netblue sites, per say. One could be InternetOpinionGroup and another FreeCoolRewards. They are both owned by Netblue, so you would try to steer clear of doing them at the same time, unless there were enough offes as not to duplicate.

And, when doing offers...there is ALWAYS something that doesn't credit. As long as it isn't a I-Deal site and one of the others I mentioned, there is usually no problem getting manual credit. Once the time period they give you to wait ( read their Terms ), call them to request manual credit. They will ask for copies of email confirmations, receipts or a copy of the credit card statement showing the purchase ( with your numbers blacked out ).


Renea said...

I know that I got to their site from reading on of your posts but I know that I went to another persons blog that you suggested that gave a excel program to keep track of everything. Maybe I ended up finding this one through their site.
I am really excited about learning the tricks on this. I check everyday and I have credit for 9 out of the 14 so far and it has only been 5 days. All of the ones that I do not have credit for I have to be a member for longer than 5 days so it does not surprise me that I do not have their credit yet.
Have you noticed that the ones that pay more end up costing more out of pocket up front? I would like to sign up for one more right now and do the two of them and see how well it works.
How many do most people do at one time?
Thank you so much for commenting back! I would really like to keep in touch and let you know how things work out for me. I also see that some need referrals, if you find a really good one, let me know and I will try to be one of your referrals!

Carrie @ said...

I think it depends on the person how many they do.

I typically only do 2 at a time, just for a time management point and because I don't want to duplicate offers.

And, I always do two different parent companies at a time, so as not to cause conflict in case I do a duplicate offer by accident.

You never know how much it is going to cost for a certain dollar amount. These companies offer different deals all the time on the amount of offers to do.

I have found, Nuitech sites usually cost he most. That is what this $1,000 gift card is. But, hey tend to come faster.

I have found Brandarama sites to cost the least, but it is literally a full year before you get your gift. A LONG time. depends which route you are happier with. I do a combo of them all.

The I-Deal sites usually come quickly...USUALLY. You can click back earlier in the week or link thru this post to see the $500 gift card being offered thru them right now.

And, I tend to steer clear of the referral sites. People have good luck with them, but I hate relying on other people to do their end. I always feel bad if they can't find someone to refer then, or I don't ever want to be upset at someone if they don't finish all their offers, thus I can't get my gift.

I only did referrals when they had conga lines, but now those are banned. :-(

But, if I ever change my mind on the referrals front, I will definitely let you know.

Can you please keep me posted in the comment section as your gift process progresses?

I love to hear when these things work out for my readers!

Renea said...

I sure will! I just went to the $1000 gift card and went through all of the pages like you send and decided this one is not for me. I would have to fill out three on the last page and all of them are REALLY expensive and nothing that I want. I will stick with the smaller ones for right now!! I think I spent about $42 to get the $350 gift card that I am working on now. If it doesn't work, I won't lose too much sleep over $42. I am going to try your $500 that you just referred to above and see if that is better for me!