Wednesday, July 9, 2008

$500 Free Gas Gift Card! Join me in my Adventure!

Well, I apologize for not posting yesterday. BUT, I was busy working on my next online offer. Aren't sure what I mean my online offers? Click here to read my original post on how I have made over $15,000 profit in free money by taking advantage of all these wonderful programs out on the world wide web.

Well, I just reached the last stage of a $500 Gift Card with Netblue, so it was time to move on to my next offer. I try to space them out, and usually have two going at a time. Once one of my programs reaches the last stage, I move on to another offer.

So, I am moving forward with the $500 Gas Gift card mentioned in the picture above. Want to take part, too? You can either click on the picture, or click here.

This site, Consumer Reward Zone, is an I-Deal site, which I have done twice in the past. And, I can tell you a few quick things about this company.

Number one, you cannot wait around for manual credit. This means, if credit doesn't come thru for some of the offers, just suck it up and do a few more. So, since you need to do 8 offers to get this gift, I usually have 3 extra offers I know I can do if the credit doesn't come thru on the others. So, in my mind, it will probably be more like 11 offers for this $500. If it comes in as less, great!

Why do I like I-Deal? They are fast. Unless things have changed since the end of last year, this is one of the fastest companies in regards to receiving your money/gift card/prize.

I also like this company because they have a HUGE list of offers to pick from, while other sites are sometimes lacking in the offers available. This site gives you lots of choices.

So, before you get started. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Set up a new Yahoo, Hotmail or any free email address specifically for this offer.

1. Click here to register. Complete all the required information needed. Use your new email address. You will get TONS of junk mail. DO NOT send to your personal email account.

2. You will next be taken through many offers ( these do NOT count as your gift ). On each page, click NO to each offer. If there is a list of offers, scroll to the bottom to see if there is a SKIP button. If not, manually go through and click NO to each offer. ( HINT: On the long list of offers, if you click NO to them all, and it says you need to select YES for YES on the very last one. It will then open a window for that offer, and on that page you can click NO. )

3. Once you finally get through all those initial offers ( sometimes it takes as long as 5 minutes ), you will get to a page that says LAST STEPS in red. It will go on to say Congratulations and tell you the steps you need to take to qualify. You are now at the pages you need to complete to get your gift.

4. Scroll down and click on the button that says go to Gold Offers. On the next page, click on the button that says go to Platinum Offers. You ALWAYS want to start with the last page FIRST. Then, once you have completed the needed offers, click back to the Gold and then the Silver.

5. When picking which offers to do ( in this case, 2 offers on the 1st page, 2 offers on the 2nd page and 4 offers on the 3rd page ), always make sure you don't do an offer from the same parent company. For example, the last page may have a Scholastic Book Trial for Dr. Suess books. But, there might be a completely different offer for Scholastic Books for Disney Princess Books. You canNOT do both with this company. All your offers have to be from separate parent companies.

6. Also, to make the most profit, I usually advise looking for the cheapest offers. But, always make sure to read the terms/conditions for getting credit on that offer. Some companies require you to remain a member past the trial periods to get your credit. You can always go for companies you need products from, too. Or, I like to do BMG and Columbia House offers, keep my cheap DVDs/CDs and sell them on eBay near Christmas time. Also, around the Holidays, those companies will usually offer buy 1 get 1 free offers. And, the one you buy counts towards your commitment for your membership. With those offers, you are essentially getting the DVDs for half price, and you can pick the newest releases to give as gifts/sell or keep.

How much do I expect to make on this site? Based on the offers I did, it appears I will pay about $80 for all my offers, so I should make a profit of about $420. Not bad. And, if I sell anything on eBay, I might make even more. You can probably make more, but I unfortunately, have done alot of these offers previously, so I have less to choose from then you might.

7. Before you do each offer, you need to make sure it registers with this site. To do that, click on an offer. Leave the window open, but don't complete it yet. Next, open Consumer Reward Zone again and relog in ( to do that, on the first page click on the Check Gift Status button near the lower left side ). Once you are on your page, see if your offer is showing up as Pending yet. If it is, you can go back to your open window for the offer and complete it. If not, do a refresh on the Compare Reward Zone page again to see if it shows up in about 5 to 10 minutes. If it still doesn't, close out of the offer and try again! It needs to show up on your page before you complete the offer, otherwise you won't get credit.

8. As you complete your offers, keep a spreadsheet of the day, the cost, copies of your welcome emails and screen prints of terms/conditions, if any. Also, mark in your planner, email calendar and cell phone calendar the day you need to cancel each offer along with the phone number/email address to cancel. PLEASE complete all offers in one sitting. This is very important, as you only have 60 days from when you sign up to get everything completed.

9. After you have completed all the offers, you just need to wait for credit. The way I-Deal works is that they USUALLY approve on a 7 day or 20 day cycle. This means, 7 days after you sign up for your offers, you will probably log in and see most of them have been approved. At this time, anything that didn't get approved...probably will never be approved. So, it is time to do the replacement offers for those few. Then, the same cycle should take place again for those new offers. I do NOT recommend waiting for the 20 day cycle ( unless nothing has credited ) before doing replacement offers because you are then pushing it close to your 60 day limit by the time they credit.

10. Please remember when doing these offers, the company is hoping you like a few. So, please.....if you do like a program, consider it before cancelling. These companies are able to offer us all this free money because they are advertising for these companies. This is why I usually do remain a member of a few ( usually ones I know I like, as I mentioned before, such as Columbia House, etc )

11. Once everything is approved, you will receive certificates to send in to get your gift. These must be postmarked and sent it quickly! Keep copies for yourself and check your status to see when they receive them. I like to do delivery confirmation on mine ( NOT signature that will cause problems ), so I know when they receive them.

12. Once your status shows you have qualified, then sit back and wait for your gift to arrive. I still check my status quite regularly to make sure nothing has changed and all is well. And, be patient, it can take awhile to get your gift. Last time, it took me 2 months to get it. Other companies have been as long as 8 months. But, my profit is usually it is well worth the wait.

Also, before starting, I highly recommend reading these tips and tricks from Josh Clark. These can be very helpful to you as you move forward. He has some good advice.

Also, here is some helpful advice from Josh' forum on I-Deal sites. Click here.

Any questions? PLEASE, PLEASE email me. I am always here to help.

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Andrea said...

Thanks for the info Carrie! I just send ya an email too!! I can't wait to get my gift card from the other offer :-)

Jennifer said...

Hi carrie!

Woohoo, here I come! Thanks for the great info!! Can't wait to get started:)


Steph said...

Wow! You are organized! Couple of questions... What do you mean by "manual credit" is that what you mean in #11? Can you post an example of your spreadsheet? If I do this I would like to make sure I include columns for all pertinent info so I am not wishing I had or keeping info i don't need. Thanks.

Tricia said...

I'm not sure how to email you directly...I just started this $500 offer through Consumer Reward Zone and have done 3 of the platinum offers so far. But I'm worried about some of them being from the same parent company. How do you know who the parent company is? Like, the Dr. Seuss book offer--on the page saying my order has been recieved there is a Dealmax offer. I was planning on doing the Dealmax offer but am worried that Scholastic is somehow one in the same. Please help this little newbie!!!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Tricia

If you go towards the top of my blog, there is a large post card that says email me on it on the left side. Click on that, and my email address will pop up.

Or, go to the top of my blog,and click the contact button. It will bring up my email address there, too or my phone number.

Feel free to contact me and I will help you out.

monacutest said...

hi carrie,

how would i know if i qualified for the $25 walmart gift card?

send me an email.


Carrie @ said...


Whenever you sign up for an offer that claims you get a free $25 gift card, need to immediately request your rebate form for that $25.

Usually, they should have a button on the site to click on and request it. But not always.

If not, call the number for the site you signed up for and they can either send you a link to request it or just mail it to you.

Either way, the rebate form normally comes in the mail...but not until you ask for it.

So, that is always the first thing I do after I sign up for an offer that offers those freebies.

Carlie Faulk said...

Hi ~ how long does it take to see that they have received your certificates normally? I sent mine in two weeks ago and haven't seen anything yet. I was just wondering. Thanks ~

Rachel said...

Hi - is your $500 reward taxed?

Carrie @ said...


Yes. I-Deal requires you send in a w-9, and at the beginning of next year you will get a 1099-MISC form with all your earnings from I-Deal included.

Carlie Faulk said...


The Fed Ex Man thought I was nuts I'm sure because I was whooping and hollering! ~ lol. I was so excited. Thank you so much Carrie! This came at just the right time for us since my husband was laid off last month :(

Thanks again so much! What a blessing this was!

Casey said...

Hi Carrie,
Today is my seventh day after starting the offer and only 2 of my 8 pending have been approved. Do you recommend that I do 6 more offers or wait? I understand that I will definitely have to do more offers but 6 out of 8 including all 4 of the platinum seems steep. Thank you for your assistance

Carrie @ said...


This is an old post you are working off of.

Please go to my Online Offers button in the left side bar.

Once there, click on the button in that left side bar for IDeal instructions and read the FAQ section, too.

The crediting timeline has changed and it will all be explained there.

Don't forget, I am running an Online Offers Discussion LIVE tonight on Facebook. So, please come join and you can ask questions there.