Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congrats - $2,600 Awarded in October via Online Offers

Time for the monthly congratulations post!

It is one of my favorite times, because..well...yay for everyone!

As always, my favorite pics people submit include their children. This photo of Ambra's daughter is so cute. She is wearing her Michael Jackson Tshirt, holding her $500 and is all smiles. Darling!

Below, check out the photo of Nancy's little guy with their gift card in his pocket. Adorable! He is hoping for some good presents! :)

Don't forget to go check out the bragger post for all the other photos submitted this month! Thank you!

I also like the congrats post, because I feel like it is encouraging for those who are new to Online Offers or a bit leery. And, the more people who can benefit from these programs, the better!

So, just think, all of you listed are actually going to help new people this month earn some extra money by being an example and encouragement to others!

Want to learn more about making money with Online Offers? Click here or go to my Online Offers button in my left menu bar at anytime. And, don't forget to check out the Bragger post to see all the pictures of everyone with their free gifts and read all their comments.

So, how much did everyone receive this month? $2,600 & Michael Jackson Tshirt

If I missed you in the round up, please leave a comment below and I will get you added.

How much have we all received so far in 2009?

Total for 2009 - $78,325 plus 6 Wii and Wii Fits, 2 iPod Touchs, & Tshirts

Now, here are October's newest recipients!

  • $500 Gift Card & Michael Jackson Tshirt - Ambra
  • $500 Gift Card - Lisa S.
  • $500 Gift Card - Nancy P
  • $500 - Steph @ Bargain Fun
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Misty N.
  • $100 Gift Card - Cassie, Jase and Kirsten
Finally, new to online offers? What is a good offer to start with today? I would recommend a $500 IDeal offer. Make sure to read my general instructions here, my IDeal instructions, the FAQs and check out the Facebook Discussions boards.

New to Online Offers? Here is one I recommend starting with via IDeal.
What offers are new this week, for all of us die hard online offer fans or those of you just getting started?


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Cassie, Jase, and Kirsten said...

I forgot to notify you, but we received our $100 in Target Gift Cards for the month of October! =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie...the 500 dollar consumer bonus twilight that for top notch...there is a link there under top notch? If not, I would like do it. Thanks so much.

Carrie @ said...

Yay!!! Congrats!

And, Anonymous, yes, the Twilight offer is for Top Notch.

If you ever need to find out, you can always scroll to the bottom of a IDeal offer page and at the very bottom it will state what sub company it is.

Cassie, Jase, and Kirsten said...

Hi again! If you want to, go ahead and add another $25 to ours for a total of $125 - here I just got another $25 Visa Gift Card today for doing one of the bonus offers that I completely forgot about! Also, if you'd like us to submit a picture, I took a few - where should I send it to?

Mel, Luke and Family said...

the link does not work for me .. ? has this one expired? also- i received a 500 dollar visa gift card a couple weeks ago ( did the Obama bobble head -deals offer) AND another 25 bonus one today!! thanks for all your help!! :) we were able to pay for Christmas!! :)

Carol said...

This is waaaay overdue... I received a $500 Visa Gift Card and Michael Jackson T-shirt in October 2009. I'm very sorry it took so long to inform you. Thank you for your awesome blog. -Carol