Thursday, March 12, 2009

February Congrats - $7,200 Plus Free!

First, isn't Misty's baby so darling holding her $500 Visa Gift Card? Thanks for the pic, Misty!

            Wow!! We had a great discussion last night on Facebook regarding Online Offers with IDeal. I was so thankful for all of you who showed up and participated. I felt like we were able to answer some questions and it was way too fun to actually be talking ( typing ) live with everyone! Click here to read everything discussed.

            I will admit, it was a bit head spinning. So, if anyone knows of a better way to have live online discussions ( Instant Messaging, for example ) that SAVES the information after the fact for others to read, please let me know. Or, if anyone knows of a way to set up a conference call for free, of course, I am game for that, too. I will be researching, also.

            For now, the next discussion is set for next Wednesday night at 10PM on Facebook again. Please mark your calendars now. We will be discussing Online Offers with Nuitech and Organizational skills for Online Offers. I will be posting my spreadsheets and explaining how I manage these deals.

            Finally, BIG OL' THANKS to Jenny D!!! She is my resident Online Offer guru and has earned $2,000 with another $1,500 on the way just since finding my blog!! She participated last night and was so helpful to me in fielding questions.

            And, to my other seasoned veteran last night, Becky V! I appreciate you both coming out to share your experiences with all the newbies!

            Finally, better late than never...Congrats go out to all who got their gift cards/checks/gifts in February. If you are not on this list, I apologize. Please email me and I will get you added. And, don't forget to send pics. I love posting to the Bragger post. Go check out all the past recipients of free gifts!

            February brought in $7,200 PLUS a free Wii and Wii Fit!!

            • $1,200 ( $1,000 from Nuitech, $200 from Netblue ) - Jenny D
            • $500 Home Depot Gift Card - Holly S.
            • $500 Gift Card - Misty @
            • $500 Visa Gift Card - Jen @
            • $1,000 Gift Card from Nuitech - Kate
            • $1,000 Gift Card from Nuitech - Amanda C.
            • $500 Gift Cards - LPerry95
            • Wii and Wii Fit - Nicole at Nicole's Nickels
            • $500 Gift Cards - Steph
            • $500 Visa - DealChaser
            • $500 Visa - Christi
            • $500 Gas Cards - Jamie

            Finally, I did want to note. February was also a sad month for me, too. I heard from 5 of you who got disqualified for duplicating offers from the same parent company! It is like a knife thru my heart when I hear this happen.

            So, I did want to reiterate the importance of NOT duplicating offers from the same parent company. It is hard to tell. I know! But, please research before signing up for any of them to ensure they are not related.

            If you go to my Online Offers button in the left menu bar, you will go to the page with General instructions. You must ALSO read the instructions and FAQ for IDeal, if you do any of their offers. There are buttons for both of these in the upper left side of my Online Offers webpage. The same holds true for Netblue and Nuitech. There will be instructions there on how to research companies. If you don't read all these instructions and research all companies, you do risk being DQ'd.

            Finally, the IDeal Online Offers Discussion Board is always open on Facebook. Feel free to check there and leave comments/questions.

            Congrats again to all!!


            Anonymous said...

            You can make that 6!! I went to check the status and they all say "ON HOLD". Im not sure if that means disqualified or not, I plan on writing them to find out.

            busy mom said...

            I signed up with face yesterday, and today I tried to see if I could follow what was said/ done last night b/c I feel asleep (sorry I get up at 4:30 am) and I could not get anything to show up.

            Con grats to everyone who has their cards.

            question- if you use a trial period with a credit co. you are not suppose to use it again are you, or I would not think you could unless you used a different name like your kids or spouse.

            Misty said...

            Man, that baby is SOOOO cute ;) haha. Thanks for all the information Carrie, if it weren't for you, I'd have never figured all this mess out.

            I wanted to know if you started the $1,500 Nuitech one yet....with 13 offers that HAVE to stay for 2 expensive is it? thanks again

            Carrie @ said...


            More than likely it means DQd.

            Scroll to the bottom and see what it says.

            Email me the list of companies you did, so I can see if that is indeed what happened.

            I guess I will start a new DQd list for March. Ugh!

            Carrie @ said...


            When you go to Facebook, you will then need to click on the link under discussions for IDeal Online Offers.

            That will then take you to the discussion.

            Carrie @ said...


            If you signed up for an offer ( the Credit Report one, I think you are asking about ) you canNOT sign up for that company or any other company owned by the same parent company for 6 months.

            Jenny D said...

            Hey Misty, It really depends on what companies you go with as each one has different fees per month. Carrie has mentioned in her instructions that she has done the DVD and book deals and then sells on eBay. I have done the same and you can recoup some of the money this way. It takes some time, but I would sit down and figure out the offers you are interested and figure out the investment as we all would have a different investment amount depending on the offers. Sorry, I know this doesn't directly answer your $$ question, but for $1500 you can expect to pay several hundred dollars. (Carrie, I hope all of this advice is okay...please delete if not!) Also, Carrie, I received $1200 in Feb! ($1000 from Nuitech and $150 and $50 both from Netblue). Whoo-hoo!! Thanks again, Carrie!

            Stacy said...

            How do I find you on facebook? I'm not very familiar with it at all.

            Anonymous said...

            Hi I went to facebook and it took me to my homepage. I didn't see a link for discussions. I got the new home page today so I don't know where to look.

            Mary H

            Jenny D said...


            Go here to join!

            Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

            hi carrie--
            do you have a list of which parent companies own which sub-companies, as far as the offers you personally have done?

            Carrie @ said...

            I don't.

            All of these sites are very strict about helping too much outside of what you can find in their terms.

            I pretty much give instructions on how to do things...but most of what I share could be found if people read the terms/conditions and understood them ( sometimes they are confusing ).

            When I start getting into talking about specific offers, which ones to do, not to do together, etc, I am afraid I will be "considered" helping someone complete their offers and then I could potentially be DQd. I think that, combined with everything I already post on my blog would be pushing the limit.

            Right now, there is a spot on the Facebook discussion boards that I opened up for anyone to post which companies they have come across that are related.

            So, if anyone wants to start typing what they know there, that is fine with me. I titled it IDeal related companies.