Monday, February 2, 2009

Congrats on $10,325 for my readers! Plus, tons of New Online Offers!

First of all, I would like to take this time to Congratulate all my readers who received their gift cards or money in January! And, there is Amanda H. above with her $500 in Shell Gift Cards!! Yeah, Amanda!! And, make sure to go the Blogger Bragger post here to see more pictures from this month. There are some cute ones of kids with their parents gift cards, too!

Want to get involved and get free money, too? Click here or go to my Online Offers webpage button in the left menu bar at any time.

Here is the rundown:

  • $500 - Laura

  • $500 - Megan K

  • $500 - Stephanie

  • $500 - Susan Y

  • $500 - Amanda H.

  • $1,000 - Gas Gift Card & Best Buy - Faith M.

  • $500 Sears Card - Nicole

  • $500 Applebee's & Kohl's - Lori

  • $500 Gas Cards - Lisa N.

  • $1,000 Kmart and Visa Gift Cards - Lisa in ND

  • $500 Gas Cards - The Ory's

  • $500 Home Depot Gift Card - Danielle M

  • $1,000 Visa Gift Cards - Kami

  • $500 Gift Cards - Malia

  • $1,325 in checks and Gift Cards - Amanda G.

  • $500 Wachovia Gift Card - Jenny D.

Grand Total Awarded in January is $10,325


You asked for it, so I did some digging....and here is another whole list of new Online Offers. Remember, always check the terms to see if a referral site or Do It Yourself site first. I tried to mark them, but I may have missed a few that are please check! It all depends what you are looking for and are comfortable with yourself. I, pesonally, like Do It Yourself ( or DIY ).

IDeal 123 Click, Inc

IDeal Bullseye Media

IDeal Top Notch,Inc.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I did one yesterday from 'Big Brand Promotions' which is part of ADRevolution I am wondering if it is legit or not. I signed up for a book club and some makeup and am supposed to be getting a $1000 Wal Mart Gift Card. I haven't seen anymore information from them since I signed up except for welcome from the book club. Have you heard of this one?

Thanks so much for your help!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I called you Andrea! I am on Mommy Snacks a lot as well!


Carrie @ said...


No problem. You would be surprised, I have gotten that before.

I have even had women write me and apologize for missing me while I was speaking at the library ( which is Andrea, not me ).

I feel honored to be confused with her...she is a great lady!

Anyway, email me the exact link and I will take a look at it for you.

For your own reference, print out those terms/conditions and read thru it ALL. You want to make sure you don't misunderstand or miss anything.

Cent with Love said...

Wow, what a great month for everyone! All of my offers just approved yesterday on my second $500 card, so I'm just waiting now. :) Thanks again for all of this info!

Jessica said...

Carrie, I tried this once and had my credit card information sold. Has this ever happened to you? Do you know any way around this?

Carrie @ said...

What do you mean you had your credit card information sold?

They gave your card #'s to others and they started charging it?

They can't do that...that sounds like someone stole your cc #.

In regards to safety online, I do always advise using virtual credit card numbers, if your card has that option.

I know Discover and Citi cards, do and I love that feature.

Jessica said...

Well, it was technically considered fraud. A company I did business with sold my information to another company who charged my card. I ended up not having to pay for the charges, but now I am very weary of doing it again. What are virtual credit card numbers? Can you use a prepaid card for these types of offers? Thanks!

Miriam said...

I so want to try this, but I am SO afraid...screwing up, having my info stolen, etc. Where should I start?

Misty said...

Carrie, can you explain one more time for those of us that are a little slow, how many you can do at one time? I've completed a $500 gc from Ideals-Top Notch (hope to receive it soon), but would like to start another ideals (since they seem to work the fastest and you can cancel before 60 days for more than 2). Could I do another Ideals--like bullseye media? Thanks for all the help!! :)

Carrie @ said...


Whenever you shop online...even at Walmart, etc, use a virtual number.

If you log into your credit card ( again...Discover and Citi...not sure about others ) they have a button to click for a virtual #.

It will randomly generate a credit card number that feeds thru to your real number. You type that virtual number when buying something online. It is a one use only number ( or one client use only...I believe each company runs it a bit difference ).

So, if that number is tried -agian, it won't process.

It is GREAT! Don't shop online without it!

I have mine set up to automatically generate a virtual number for me whenever my computer sees I am on a check out page somewhere. A little credit card pops up in the corner of my screen with a one time use number and expiration date. Love it!

Carrie @ said...


Just like I told Jennifer...use virtual credit cards NOT EVER use debit cards.

And, go to my online offers button in the left menu bar. Read thru all the info ( alot ) it will explain the process.

You can then decide from there if it is something you feel comfortable doing.

Carrie @ said...


Yes, you could do a $500 from Bullseye.

Rose said...

Hi Carrie,
I thought I left this comment/asked this question early this morning, but it hasn't shown up so maybe I didn't finish it.

Anyway, I notice that on many of your posts about online offers, you and your readers most frequently talk about gas cards or gift cards. Do you ever do the gift (product/merchandise) offers? Do you recommend them? I've been reading your site on this topic for a few weeks and I showed it to my husband. He wants me to try one, but he really wants a Wii Bundle and thinks I should try that offer first. Can you give me your thoughts on the actual merchandise offers?

Thanks so much!

Andrea @ Mommy said...

Woo Hoo, Carrie! We could be like twinsies :-)

And, if anyone is nervous about this, please trust Carrie - she is the absolute best at this and is a great support through this!!!

isabell said...

okay! I am trusting here...I just did a $250 one, and I did all the platinum offers I had to do, BUT what now?? there's not another button or instructions after you do all these sign ups! I don't even know how to get to the redemption instruction page! did I get screwed over?? AAHHHH!

Carrie @ said...


Which offer did you do?

Did you read the instructions for IDeal? Those should walk you thru the process.

Let me know when you have read them and then what questions you have and I can help you out.

Oh, and you said you did the platinum offers...what about the other pages...silver and gold...did you do those, too?

isbelle said...

yes, I did a $250 gift card with ideal and it started me off with all the yes and no questions. then it took me to the silver page and i completet 2, then it took me to the gold and I completet 2, and then I clicked on Platinum and did the 4. And that's basically it. it didn't give me a page where it sais 'you are done' or anything! the only way to contact someone is by email and i have not heard back from them. What do I do???

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie,

My 1000 gift card is being shipped!!

I ended up spending quite a bit out of pocket but got a ton of products services and still made about 500 profit!

I am starting a new one, the 500 offer for some clothes or something.. Is this a visa gift card?

Carrie @ said...

Congrats. Make sure you let me know when your $1,000 arrives and a picture. I will put you in the February Congrats post.

I have no way to guarantee it is a VISA, but that is kind of the same thoughts I had. You may email them to find out.

busy mom said...

Carrie, I am still reading , building up trust here- I saw this on the first link you have post for the $250 visa. What does this mean?
2.) refer 0 unique household(s) that also complete the program requirements.

I am going to try to start one hopefully around the feb 14th. If all goes well.

Carrie @ said...

That means you don't have to refer anyone.

If it said 1 or 2 there, then you would have to refer 1 or 2 households.

I, personally, only do the ones that ask you to refer 0 households. But, I do have others out there, in case anyone wants to do a referral site instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie! First off I just want to say thanks for posting all the great tips. I have completed the $500 giftcard offer as well as the $500 visa offer and currrently have the gas cards in my purse!

I checked out the $500 giftcard offer link under the "Ideal Bullseye Media" about 2 weeks ago and was going to do it today but now the link is going to some debt page and not the page that I had checked out previously! I really wanted to do this offer and was wondering if you had the correct working link! I so hope you do!!! Thanks a ton! -Amy

Carrie @ said...

Unfortunately, it looks like that offer is gone. The affilite pulled the offer with IDeal.

If it comes back out, I will repost it.