Sunday, October 4, 2009

Congrats - $7,350 earned in Sept and New Online Offers

Time for the monthly congratulations post!

It is one of my favorite times, because..well...yay for everyone!

This month's featured picture is Tina holding her $500 Visa Gift Card! Thanks for the photo update, Tina!

Don't forget to go check out the bragger post for all the other photos submitted this month! Thank you!

I also like the congrats post, because I feel like it is encouraging for those who are new to Online Offers or a bit leery. And, the more people who can benefit from these programs, the better!

So, just think, all of you listed are actually going to help new people this month earn some extra money by being an example and encouragement to others!

Want to learn more about making money with Online Offers? Click here or go to my Online Offers button in my left menu bar at anytime. And, don't forget to check out the Bragger post to see all the pictures of everyone with their free gifts and read all their comments.

So, how much did everyone receive this month? $7,350!!

If I missed you in the round up, please leave a comment below and I will get you added.

How much have we all received so far in 2009?

Total for 2009 - $77,725 plus 6 Wii and Wii Fits, 2 iPod Touchs

Now, here are September's newest recipients!

  • $500 Grocery Gift Card - Mary Beth
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Rebecca
  • $250 Gift Card from Nuitech - Emily @ Laundry and Lullabies
  • $100 Gift Card - Randi M.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Angela R.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Tina
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Amy S.
  • $500 Gift Card - Maggie
  • $500 Gift Card - Robyn ( from previous month but hasn't been counted yet )
  • $500 IKEA Gift Card - Rachel G. ( from previous month but hasn't been counted yet )
  • $1,500 from Nuitech - Kami R.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Kirsten T.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card and Tshirt - Melissa M.
  • $500 Grocery Gift Card - Jennifer
Finally, new to online offers? What is a good offer to start with today? I would recommend a $500 IDeal offer. Make sure to read my general instructions here, my IDeal instructions, the FAQs and check out the Facebook Discussions boards.

Here is a good one to start:

What offers are new this week, for all of us die hard online offer fans?

IDeal - Top Notch

IDeal - 123 Click


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Kami said...


I always forget to let you know until the monthly post comes up! Anyway, I received $1,500 from Nuitech!! I was so thrilled to see it come.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

if I did the Got Milk one can i do the below ones as well? same offers as I did last time?

Anonymous said...

wow congrads! how long did it take you do get your visa card? Im still waiting on mine

Vicky said...

I'm not sure whether this is the best place to post this but I really wanted some input. Has anybody done the Nicole's Savings Advantage offer (if you maintain your membership past the trial period, you receive both Target and Starbucks gift cards)? I started this in July and have had to call and email each step of the way (to receive my confirmation postcard, to check on my giftcards, to see what to do when I was approaching my second paid month without gift cards...). I am now on a one month free extension and still no gift cards. I plan to call again but am now hesitant to ever try an offer like this again!

Carrie @ said...


I actually posted this on my site when she first came out with the offer.

And, did it myself. I have NOT gotten my gift cards and have done the same..called multiple times, etc.

I would do the offer again IF it was counting towards one of these Online Offers ( you can choose it as a qualifier for the $500 gift cards, etc ). Just don't expect to get your free money from Nicole's Advantage. Just count on your gift from IDeal, Nuitech, or Netblue instead.

Carrie @ said...


If you did the Got Milk offer already, please make sure to reread the IDeal specific instructions and the IDeal FAQs.

It will explain all their guidelines in regards to duplicating offers and the amount of time before you can.

Jennifer said...

I received my $500 visa card from Ideal for the grocery offer. So grateful to you for spelling it all out and helping us make money too.