Monday, November 17, 2008

$150 Bonus for National City Bank

Over the last few months, National City Bank has offered a $150 Bonus, then last month...a $200 bonus, and now they have another $150 Bonus for all of you who missed the first two.

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National City Bank's $150 Bonus is a bit different this time. Instead of them funding the money into your checking account, they will send you a $150 VISA gift card.

  • Expires December 31st, 2008
  • New Accounts, 1 per Household ( cannot have closed a National City Bank account in the last 60 days )
  • Open your checking with a $50 minimum deposit.
    Have a direct deposit of $250 put into your account within 60 days of opening via their Switch Service, available by calling 1-866-622-3948
  • Have a Visa Check Card issued to you and make at least 10 purchases within those 60 days
  • $150 is shipped 60 days after all conditions have been met
  • Click here to register

Thanks to Tara for letting me know National City updated their deal!

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Renee said...

Do you ever sign up for bank offers that do a hard pull? Do you know if National City does a hard pull or soft pull on a credit file?


Carrie @ said...


I don't normaly do hard pulls. I stick to soft pulls, UNLESS the offer is unbelievable.

When I did National City the month before, I was told it was a soft pull by the bank.

But, I always advise my readers to call themselves, too, just to verify.

Debbie said...

Hey Carrie,

Just a head up here, but I just spoke with National City. They said it HAS to be a direct deposit of your PAYROLL CHECK (or SS or disability). You can't just direct deposit any 'ole $250 in there. It has to be your actual paycheck.

That throws a monkey wrench into the deal!

Too bad, though, because this was a great way to make $150.

:) Debbie

Heather said...

Hey Carrie, I ran into the same problem as Debbie did.

My husband's company does not have direct deposit so I was told I did not qualify for the offer.

Thanks for sharing this deal with us.

It would have been nice to have since I just lost my job!

Keep the deals coming!