Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hurry! 1 Day Only! Free Shipping from Snapfish

I love when the photo sites offer free shipping, because it is the PERFECT time to finally order the free intro prints they offer.
And, if you are already a Snapfish customer, but your spouse, or child over 13 years old isn't...they can sign up to get these free prints with free shipping, too. So, you could potentially have a lot of free photos coming your way.

Click here to register with Snapfish and get 50 free prints. Upload your photos and when checking out, use code SHIPALLFREE and pay no shipping/handling.
Have you been a customer for awhile? You may have freebies you don't even know about. Log in here and click on My Account. It will show you a recap of all offers associated with your account right now.

I had a free 4X6 flip book I didn't even know about. Some of your offers may be able to combine with the free shipping, it depends on the promotion associated with it. For example, the Oprah free photo book will not work with this shipping code ( by the way...you now have until the 22nd to get it completed ) But, definitely check it out. I plan to upload my flipbook in the afternoon, so I will let you know if it gives me the free shipping with this freebie.

Either way, enjoy your free prints if you are a new customer!

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Anonymous said...

I just ordered my 50 free prints and got the free shipping also. Just thought I'd let you know.