Wednesday, November 5, 2008

$50 Bonus from ING Direct

Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!

Now, this is a bonus I am excited about!

So many of you have written me and have been taking advantage of all the free money from banks, too! It is wonderful, is it not?

In fact, I have quite a few of them to post this week due to the start of the new month. So, be on the look out for many more to come.

But, while many of you write in that you are taking advantage of these deals, others have written me and do NOT have the option for direct deposit.

SOOOO, here is a deal for you!

As always, click here to read my Bank Offers web page before beginning and to access current Bank Offers.

Here is the info on this deal:

ING Direct is currently offering $50 for a few simple steps.

  • First, if you don't have a ING Direct Orange Savings, click here to open. There is no minimum amount needed to open. Yeah!
  • Second, once you get your Customer Number or Savings ID, click here and hit apply now for your Electric Orange High Interest Checking Account.
  • Use reference code EM227
  • Activate your Electric Orange Mastercard Debit Card
  • Use your card to make at least 3 signature based purchases in the first 45 days after opening your account. ( make sure you deposit enough into your checking to pay for 3 transactions...whatever they may be )
  • $50 will be deposited into your Electric Orange account 50 days after account was opened.

Why else do I like this deal?

First, you know I am a huge supporter of High Interest Accounts. I have used my ING Direct savings account for my 6 year old son's savings. He has quite a little stash from Birthdays, Baptism, the Holidays, etc. I used to have his money sitting in a savings at our local bank, but we were making nothing on his money. So, why not make a little extra for him?

What are some other benefits of ING Direct?

They currently offer all of their customers FREE Online Fraud and ID Theft Protection Software from Trusteer Rapport. With all the work and offers I sign up for online, I will gladly take any ID Theft protection. Features include:

  • Protects against sophisticated attacks like phishing, pharming, session hijacking and more
  • Takes only seconds to install - no restart, never needs to be configured
  • Offers stronger security at participating banking, brokerage, and retail websites

Click here once you have you accounts set up to download this software.

Thanks to Evelyn for sending me an email on this deal so we can all benefit!


Evelyn said...

Carrie, once again for putting it all in so many steps. I did not know about the security. Will this work on other bank accounts? I plan on signing up tomorrow.

monacutest said...

hi carrie,

i just signed up! thanks so much for being so clear with your instructions. i do have one question, there's going to be an actual card that will arrive in the mail, right? and i have to use it 3 times the way i use my credit card, right?

thank you so much! i looove your site!


Carrie @ said...


From their site:

Rapport protects select online banking, brokerage, and retail websites.

Currently the following websites are protected by default: ING DIRECT, and Muriel Siebert.

New websites will be added in the future and your version of Rapport will be updated automatically.

You can choose to manually protect additional websites by browsing to a website, clicking the gray Rapport arrow and choosing "Protect this website".

Carrie @ said...


Yes, you will get an actual "debit card" style card in the mail.

Make sure you have money loaded in the checking so you have money when you use your card.

Also, don't forget to mark 50 days from today on your calendar.

That way, on day 50, you know your bonus should have hit.

As always, do a screen print of the $50 sign on bonus AND copy the url.

I always keep this information for back up in case I ever need to get manual credit ( which I did have to do with Chase once ).

Kasey said...

I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award. As part of the award, you are asked to share 6 things that you are thankful for and to pass the award on to 6 bloggers. (Obviously in reality you can choose the number of bloggers to award.)

Feel free to copy the Kreativ Blogger award picture from my blog to post on your blog also.


Cristy said...

Hi Carrie, What does mean exactly?

Use your Electric Orange Card to make at least 3 signature-based purchases in the first 45 days after your account has been opened

Does it mean I will have to use it at a location where I have to sign for it instead of using it online? And, in order to do this I will have to use it as a "credit card" instead of debit in order to sign? Thanks

I am thinking of using the $50 they gave me from sharebuilders to "build" another $50. Heehee!


shawna said...

Thank you so much! I just got my card and activated it. Now I just need to make 3 small purchases with it.

Quick question so that I mark my calendar accurately - is it 50 days or 50 business days (mon-fri) that I should count?


Jessica6903 said...

Just got my $50 deposited into my account yesterday and I just made my 3rd signature based transaction on Dec 18th! Woo-hoo. Easy money. Thanks for posting on this!