Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to my post on where to find your weekly free photos ( OK..I will has been a couple weeks since I posted Free Photos..sorry ).

As we all know, it takes no time at all for digital photos to pile up on our cameras, computers or disks.

So, each week I will be bringing you a new site to go get some free photos printed.

And, I will also include all deals that are still running.

This week, I am going to feature See Here.

See Here with FujiFilm is currently offering 50 free prints when you sign up here and use code prints-1.

Shipping for 50 prints on their site is running $3.19 right now. So, your price per print will then turn out to be around 6 cents. That is a very good price!

And, if you haven't taken advantage of all the other free prints out there right now, here is a compiled list I have gathered together. I have highlighted the best deals in bold.

Don't forget, you can access all free photo offers by clicking the Free Photo button in the left side bar whenever you need to find this information again.

1 comment:

Kacie said...

Thanks for taking the time to put together these photo deals!

For your next one, can you possibly include best deals for getting film developed? We have two disposable cameras that need processed.

Likely, I'll take them to one of the drugstores (whichever has the best price) but if you know of any deals here, I'd love to know!