Tuesday, August 12, 2008

$500 Free Gas Gift Card! Latest Update!

As always, I just wanted to give you the latest update on my $500 Gift Card endeavor.

As you know from past posts, I do these online offers often and have made thousands of dollars. Read my original post on this topic.

Well, I started this $500 Gift Card offer on July 9th, and already I am done with my side of the process. Now,I just sit back and wait for my $$$ to arrive! Want to join me on my journey? Click here to read the process. Read this , as well, for past updates as I have gone through this process.

I-Deal is a very quick site, BUT you have to stay on top of things, as you only have a 60 day window to get everything completed.

So, how did things progress for me? Well, all my offers approved by July 23rd, after having to do a replacement offer. I have spent about $80 in total ( I will have a final number for you once the gift card arrives and I pay any shipping/return charges ). So, I will make a profit of approx. $420.

On the 23rd, I printed my forms, my w-9, etc and the next time I was running out by the post office, I mailed it to them with delivery confirmation ( not signature confirmation...they will not accept that ).

Then, today, FINALLY, my account showed they received it on August 5th. So, it took them about a week to update the system to show I had submitted my paperwork. And, it now says my gift will be shipped at a max of 8 weeks.

And, believe me, they almost always take the whole 8 weeks. Of course. But, that is A-OK with me. I won't complain.

So, I logged into my email calendar and marked 8 weeks off and put a note on my calendar that my gift should be here. That way, if it is not here, I can contact them.

Also, make sure to STILL check your account at least once a week. Although things rarely change after your paperwork has been accepted, it has happened to me once. I then had to do another replacement offer and then they shipped out my gift.

You don't want your status to change...you not be aware of it, and then your 60 day time frame run out on you.

Want to join in on the $500 adventure? Click here!

And, don't forget, contact me anytime with questions.

Finally, I know a bunch of you have already jumped on the wagon and are doing the offer with me, as I have been emailing you back and forth. Please feel free to leave comments here on how things are progressing for you, so newbies know what to expect. Thanks!


Andrea said...

Carrie - I'm going to start this offer today. I have it all mapped out just like you suggest!

And, I just got my $500 gift card from the February offer you had listed! It really is legitimate!!!

alexis said...

Just did my first offer for the $500 gas card! It took awhile to navigate through all the steps, but hopefully it will be worth it.

One question... for the bigwin.com $1000 offer, what offer would you recommend I go for in the last step? They all seem pretty expensive. How much did you spend OOP to get the $1000?

THANKS for all the info!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Congrats on finishing the $500 Offer.

When I did Big Win, some of the offers had easier terms then.

For exmaple, Diet to Go used to be any purchase instead of a 5 day meal plan. So, I was able to buy a bag of pretzels. :-)

Now, the investment is higher. The same thing happened with Fatcow. You now have to do their $80 plan, but when I did it..I was able to get credit for the $5 plan.

With that said, if you have money to fund Big Win, you can make a nice profit on these sites.

On average, when I do the $1,000 sites, I usually spend anywhere from $200 to $400 upfront, thus making a profit of about $600-$800 depending on the site.

But, this is why these higher priced sites are good to do once you get money rolling in and can use it to pay for the new offers.

alexis said...

Great advice! Thanks! I only have one offer still pending for my $500 gas card, so I am super excited!