Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update - $500 Gas Gift Card

Well, I just wanted to give all of those participating in the $500 Gas Gift card promotion with me a heads up.

Not sure what this is all about? Click here to read my previous post on this particular $500 gift card offer. AND, click here to read my original post on how I have made almost $20,000 on these online offers over the last few years.

Anyway...back to this post.

If you remember my original write up on I-Deal, I mentioned they approve on a 7 day and 20 day cycle. And, you will need to do replacements on any that don't go approved by that time.

Based on my experience over the last 2 weeks, I am beginning to think they approve every 7 days...or somewhere around there. Here is why....

I signed up. One week later, only 2 of my offers had been approved. I decided to wait until the 20 day mark to do any replacements. BUT, one week after that, they all approved over night except 1!

So, since there is only 1 left, I am going to go ahead and do a replacement even though I am not at the 20 day mark. Just to speed things up a bit.

The reason I am telling you this? I know some of you signed up and are going thru the process, too, as I have read comments from you. But, I just wanted to give you a heads up to not worry if you don't see all your offers approve on the 7 day mark. Hold tight! Mark the 20 day mark on your calendar, but I have a feeling, you will see many more of your offers approve the next week.

What else is fun to note? If you decide to cancel any of these offers, many of them will lower the price if you keep the product. I had gotten a facial that would have cost me almost $80 if I kept it past the trial. I had paid $5 in shipping already. And, I was going to have to pay at least another $5 to ship it back. When I called to cancel, they lowered the price to $19, if I would keep it. Hooray!

Why did I keep it, since it was still more than the shipping both ways? Well, it was ONLY $9 more out of pocket to me, BUT I now have a great Christmas gift for $9 ( which is worth a lot more ). Plus, as you have heard me say before, I believe in supporting these companies that offer us all this wonderful free money.

By keeping some of your offers, you are keeping these companies in business. They do this, under the assumption people will like a few of the products and keep them. If they thought everyone was just going to try everything and cancel everything, they would make no money. Thus, they would go out of business.

I always try to find offers I think I can use. You have heard me preach before....but...Entertainment Books, Vista Print ( I always get my checks reprinted thru them and get credit for these type of sites ), Beauty Products ( like this, if they will give me a lower price ), BMG and Columbia House ( what I don't need for gifts, I sell on eBay ), Scholastic Books ( if the price is right, I will keep as filler gifts for kids birthday parties ), and the list goes on and on.

So, as it is playing out right now, what does my potential profit look like after all offers and charges? It appears to be around $420. Not bad! Plus, I am getting merchandise, too....gifts for Christmas. Can't beat that!

And, don't forget the $1000 Gift Card offer from Big Win is still valid, too. I am not currently doing this offer, because I already did it and got my money. So, I am not allowed to do it again. But, it is a good offer as well.

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