Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Money or Free Kodak Photo Paper

One of my favorite sites, iMommies, had a great find today! Free Kodak Photo Paper! Thank you, Jennifer.

So, if you haven't been taking advantage of all the free photo finds I have been posting ( click here to see my current list ), because you print your pictures at home..this is the deal for you!

Circuit City is currently offering free Kodak Photo paper after rebate thru this Saturday, the 11th. It is 100 sheets of Ultra Premium 4 X 6 paper.

The paper is priced at $26.49 and you will receive a rebate of $26.49 within 8 weeks. Click here for the rebate form and details.

Pick up at your local store and you have no delivery charges ( in fact, I think you may have to pick this up ).

Want to make money on your photo paper? Go to either of the next two companies I mention and log into Circuit City thru their sites. Search on 8505141 to find the photo paper.

For Ebates, click here. If you are a new user, they will give you $5 free when you sign up and make a purchase. Now, you got free paper PLUS made over $5!

Then, go to Circuit City thru their site and they will also give you 3% back on your purchase. As soon as your balance is over $10 ( with this bonus ), they will cut you a check on one of their payment cycles. The next cycle is this month, in August.

Already an Ebates member? Click here to go to Mr. Rebates. They also give $5 sign on bonus plus 3% back. And, just like Ebates, you must equal $10 to cash out.

Already signed up and got your bonus for both of those?

Use either one to STILL order your paper. Why? You will still get 3% back, AND the money back gets you closer to your $10 payout threshold.

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