Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you Grocery Shop? Shop CVS? Do you have Upromise?

I just did my weekly run to get my free/cheap products at CVS and get my rock bottom prices grocery shopping!!! This day is always fun for me. I LOVE saving money, if you haven't been able to tell. :-)

Anyway, I thought this was a good time to remind everyone they need to set up a Upromise account for college savings. Hopefully, most of us that have children out there have set ours up long ago. But, I still feel it is important to tell those who do not have kids yet, are single, retired, or never plan to have kids....set it up anyway. It is free money!

And, even if you think you will never be able to use it, think again! First, if you ever decide to go back or go to school, you can use it on yourself. Or, if you never do, you can transfer it to anyone!! Do you have a niece or nephew that may someday go to college? What about a grandchild? A neighbor? Donate it to help a family! It doesn't can link it to anyone you see fit in order to help benefit them. Or, you can allow it to grow in your account and transfer it at a later date.

It takes you mere minutes to set it up, and then everytime you use your grocery card, CVS card or credit card ( I get money back when we go to Exxon/Mobile stations too ) on participating items or locations, they put money in your account. You never need to do another thing!

If you choose, you can shop through their site, as well, to get money back towards your account. I always like to use Big Crumbs for shopping online first ( since I get the money back immediately each month end ), but if they don't have the store I want, I will search through Upromise next.

I hope you take the time to set up this beneficial account today.
Click on Upromise to sign up free!

Update 2/27/08: Click here to read my article on how to save with Upromise and McDonalds.

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