Friday, February 8, 2008

Easy, Free $10!

Send me $0.90 by cell
Usually, I only hear from my ebay customers on their experiences with Obopay. But, yesterday, I heard from one of my website readers! They loaded $1.00 onto their account and sent a payment of 90 cents ( they charge 10 cents to send a payment ) and got their $10 FREE!!

So, if you want the free $10, too, set up your Obopay account for free, load $1.00 ( credit card loads immediately, but checking account loads can take up to a week ) and then send a 90 cent payment to anyone you know that has a cell phone. Even if they never sign up and retreive the 90 cents you sent them, you still get your $10! You can tell them to disregard the text message they get saying they have 90 cents, or if they want, you can send them your link and have them sign up to retrieve the money you sent them. If they do, guess what? You get another $5 for referring them.

Your free $10 should be loaded to your account with 1-2 business days and you can then have it transferred to your checking or saving account! Easy money!

And, as a bonus...IF you sell on ebay, you can add their widget to your listing pages and if any of your customers pay you via Obopay, you get an additional $5, too. Fun, fun!

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