Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McDonald's and Upromise

Yes, I have talked about Upromise before. Especially in relation to grocery shopping and to CVS. And, I hope I have made it clear you do not usually make a lot by linking them up to your grocery card and CVS card, but you do make a little. And, I am always willing to take a little more money for our nest egg or the kids college!

Anyway, my in-laws sent my 3 kids $5 McDonald's gift cards each in their Valentine's Day cards. While looking at the cards, I noticed there was a Upromise symbol on the back. So, I logged into my account to see what the relationship was between the two companies, and here is the low down....

if you have a McDonald's gift card, you log into Upromise and log in the gift card #. They will then give you 1% of the value to your Upromise account. If you are unaware what Upromise is, please click here to read my previous article on them. If you still need a Upromise account, click here to sign up and start earning.

Anyway, as you can imagine...1% of $15 dollars is only 15 cents. But, so what!?! I took it! And, while at McDonald's using the kids gift cards, I bought another $10 gift card for future use. I have linked it to Upromise, so next time we go to McDonald's I will pay for our meals with it and buy another $10 gift card ( so, basically going forward I will buy a new gift card with the value from the old, but make some money on it ).

Now, we don't go to McDonald's very often at all. And, I will probably be lucky to make $1 a year...but well, I have 20 years until my youngest goes to college. Maybe I will have made $20 bucks off McDonald's by that time. :-) Hey, that may buy him...well...not much in 20 years! But, oh well. Still free, easy money! And, if you frequent Micky D's alot, then you will definitely want to start buying the gift cards for Upromise.


Evelyn said...

I had a bad light bulb in my set of 6 GE flood lights. I was looking for GE's number on the web (I could hear your words on your post) and I saw coupons. Anyway, GE had a link to Upromise. I thought of you. So many buy GE bulbs. It is only for certain bulbs. Here is the link.

Carrie said...

Great find! I will post on this next week. And, the Upromise gives a $3 bonus for signing up through them...that is exciting!