Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have you signed up for your High Interest Checking Account yet?

I wrote an article about this last year. And, sticking to my New Year's resolution to post everytime I received money, an incentive or freebie, it is time to remind everyone to set up those High Interest Checking Accounts and switch them over. Click here to read my original article and see how easy it was to switch.

This month, I made over $26 just for using my checking account. Plus, I now have the benefit of using any ATM I want for free, instead of having to find a specific bank.

My family has loved banking in this method, and I hope you can benefit, too. If I keep earning approximately the same each month, I will have made over $300 just by having a checking account. Of course, results will vary based on what type of balance you keep in your account, BUT, no matter what....you mind as well make money on something you use everyday!

You can click on the picture above to get details on their High Interest Checking account.


Lorelei said...

Hey Carrie! Don't you love making $ just by having cash in your oneline account!

We use Emigrant Direct online savings accounts and are currently making 3.6% with these accounts. We had the ING savings account originally and still have some $ in there, but got really good rates at Emigrant a while back (of course they have dropped now). I don't think they have checking accts.

Anyway, another source!

Thanks for sharing these great tips!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the update! Someone else just asked about that bank in an email to me. I guess Suze Orman recommended them.
I actually use Salem Five right now and I am earning 3.5% When I signed up, it was near 5%, but it fluctuates with the economy.
It is GREAT! I agree. I am so glad to see others have jumped on this band wagon and are using these onine banks! It is so worth it.